Discussion 10/11

Travis Mortz interview from last year

Kevin Conners interview from last year


We start by talking about my hard drive that crashed last year and what we do as insurance against events like that.

Computer Doctors – recovered almost 90% of my dying LaCie hard drive

I’ve done some reading about formatting memory cards and it seems to be split pretty evenly between people saying that cards should be formatted often and people who rarely do. I will continue to keep my “keepers” on the card itself, deleting the nonsense one-at-a-time without formatting the entire thing, and see how it goes. I’ll keep you updated.

Backblaze – the data backup service I use now


Mark Losey – OG BMX photographer

Older podcasts – 1, 2

The video of Juice’s tailwhip on El Toro

Nick Tellez portfolio

juice-el-toro-tellezNick Tellez photo posted by DIG

maxresdefaultThe photo Chris Eiland shot used as the thumbnail for the CULT video (*He was not actually shooting from the roof, he was on top of the lockers right under the roof)

Kevin’s instagram with a lot of the photos he’s talking about

The Fiend instagram that features a lot of Kevin’s work

Travis asks if we think that Instagram is a graveyard for our photos

garrett_rinchon_whip_pulledGarrett Reynolds whip, composed and set up by Kevin, button pressed by JJ Palmere.

Kevin’s medium format shot of the same whip, decidedly late and with a crucial flash misfire

tumblr_mjb7v8ieha1s63415o1_1280Jeff Zielinski photo of Ty Morrow from the cover of RideBMX a few years ago (“Behind The Cover” interview with Jeff and Ty about shooting this)

colin_caboverrailColin Varanyak halfcab by Kevin, shot on T-MAX 3200

etnies_vegas_nathan_nollie-switch-hangerNathan Williams nollie opp hanger in Vegas shot by Kevin for Etnies (shouts to Povah and Will Stroud). Two Einstein flashes

Shouts to Matt Closson

fiend_garrettreynolds_5050hardGarrett pegs hard from his Red Bull video

garrett_ender_workijgGarrett’s ender from “Fiending

Chrome Digital in San Diego

“A computer with a lens on it” -Travis

8197624233_6ac16bff46_o-2Travis’ entry into the Broc Raiford hop photo contest back in the day

travis2Shot by Travis with a Graflex Reflex (one of the first SLR cameras made)

Dorothea Lange died exactly 51 years from the day we recorded this podcast


graflex-pola134Van Homan and Garrett Polaroids shot by Travis at Texas Toast 2014 (shouts to Galactic Seabass for wearing a banana suit the whole weekend down there)

Camp Woodward.

We miss Props so fucking bad.

We talk a bit about how people represent themselves via interviews or social media versus their real-life personalities. Not very related but an interesting topic.

My Lumedyne Action Pack started working again thanks to a new charger… So before you go replacing or throwing out electronics, try a different charger.

We talk about our film processing/scanning habits

Camera Exposure in San Diego

***Don’t use any film labs that have HDR images hanging on their walls.

Travis explains his disdain for immediately reviewing digital images (see: chimping)

We talk for a while about the tendencies of a typical digital shooter as opposed to a film shooter.

***Focusing using Live Mode is easier/more accurate than looking through the lens, in my experience.

The term used to describe zoom lenses that hold a focus point while zooming is parfocal. Not all zoom lenses are parfocal, some are varifocal. Someone started this list of parfocal zoom lenses. Kevin understands that any lens with internal zooming and without image stabilization is parfocal.

We talk for a minute about mirrorless cameras and how it’s not as gratifying to shoot with them because of the sounds of a mechanical camera.

Travis’ YouTube page

“It’s all about the final image I guess, right?”