Freestyle Financial (+598% past year) is currently holding the following positions, in order of amount (as of August 11, 2021)(We aren’t responsible for your purchases/sales, THIS IS NOT PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT ADVICE!):

cryptocurrencies (BTC, DOGE, ETH, XRP, XLM, LINK, UNI, YFI, OHM)

BNGO (genome analysis, their optical mapping system, Saphyr, is gaining huge attention)

SMG (Scott’s Miracle Grow… growing profits and sowing dividends) STRONG BUY (8/11/21)

CLSK ((clean energy) microgrid solutions, they just bought a Bitcoin mining operation, proactive article)

ADIL (currently in trials with their drug for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) while also selling “Covid” test kits)

ATHX (stem cell treatments for stroke patients and “Covid19” respiratory symptoms) “STILL AN ABUNDANCE OF OPPORTUNITY” (09/01/20). They just announced enrollment in their traumatic injury trial. Their Japanese partner Healios just released extremely positive results for their phase II ARDS trial and also announced full enrollment in their trial for ischemic stroke.

VCEL (regenerative cell therapies for knee injuries)

GSAT (telecom/satellite/5G penny stock play)(HUGE BUYOUT CANDIDATE-DISH or Nokia or Comcast, maybe Verizon…) Qualcomm to Include Band N53 in New 5G Flagship Modem

BA (Boeing makes satellites, missiles… not just planes) (+ dividends)

SBUX (the fanciest drug dealers on earth) (pays dividends)

IIPR (REIT dedicated to renting out cannabis grow spaces) (pays dividend)

SNDL (Sundial Growers, cash-rich right now after tremendous fundraising, ready to get into US market. Hottest pot stock)

DKNG (DraftKings, sports betting, a millennial vice stock, loooong term hold)

AMZN (It’s Amazon.)

AAPL (Apple, ‘nuf said) (pays dividends)

ABNB (the hotel of the future)

TSLA (all hail Elon Musk. It’s “a battery company that makes cars”)

ARVL (Arrival, EV buses and cargo vans, new IPO, they already have a contract with UPS, pioneering “microfactories“)

SCI (funeral/cremation services… think about it.)

LIT (ETF based on lithium batteries) (dividends!)

UBER (includes Postmates)


Resources for trading:

TradingView (charts! study them.)

FinViz (very clean and easy source for news and analysis)

CBOE Book Viewer (invaluable resource! follow the big money)

Swaggy Stocks (social media-based market analysis tool)

Investopedia (database of learning, v educational)