The Push Fund is currently holding the following positions, in order of amount (as of October 9, 2020)(We aren’t responsible for your purchases/sales, THIS IS NOT PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT ADVICE!):

cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, LINK , XTZ)

TSLA (all hail Elon Musk. It’s “a battery company that makes cars”)

ATHX (stem cell treatments for stroke patients and “Covid19” respiratory symptoms) “STILL AN ABUNDANCE OF OPPORTUNITY” (09/01/20)

SMG (Scott’s Miracle Grow… growing profits and sowing dividends)

GSAT (5G penny stock play, holding until next year)

CLSK (alternative energy microgrid software)

BNGO (genome analysis, risky penny stock)

INTC (Intel… Chipzilla!)

ENPH (solar power inverters)

BNGO (genome analysis, risky penny stock)

IIPR (REIT dedicated to renting out cannabis grow spaces)

VCEL (regenerative cell therapies for knee injuries)

BA (Boeing makes satellites, missiles… not just planes)

AAPL (Apple, ‘nuf said)

SPCE (Virgin Galactic, just scored a contract with the government to launch satellites)

FCEL (fuel cell technology, alternative energy)

MTCH (Owns Tinder, sex sells!)

SBUX (the fanciest drug dealers on earth)

SCI (funeral/cremation services… think about it.)

LIT (an ETF based on lithium batteries)

UBER (UberEats will see a huge revenue spike this quarter)

Resources for trading:

Robinhood, no-fee investing, use our code.



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