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Isaac Brock Interview

I was gonna post an interview I read with Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock but I lost the link so I’m here to suggest you Google search one– there are many to choose from. He’s a very intriguing man with a lot of crazy stories and while you’re at it, listen to their newest album, or one of their classics.

Pretty Lights by Anthony Dickenson

“NERVOUS” by Blake Yard

A staple of the Detroit BMX scene, Blake Yard is rarely seen not holding a handlebar or camera, maaybe a can of beer. I’ve never heard anyone mutter a single negative word about him and I’d be surprised if he wasn’t voted “most friendly” in high school. NERVOUS is a collection of 21 photos shot at local music venues that showcase the revealing moments and emotional body language you’d be quick to miss as a mere concertgoer. Harnessing dramatic stage lighting, Blake uses a variety of lenses to create lyrical imagery, capturing a sight while also exhibiting a sound. Although it might be awhile until we all can experience the magic of live music again, this book serves as a presage of the circle pits and singalongs to come. Limited edition stickers will be included while supplies last. $7 shipped in The States!

“Departures” Out Now


We’ve been working on this project for the last month and we’re please to announce the release of our first zine titled and themed “Departures”. It’s 36 pages with contributions from across the world in the name of BMX and all it entails. This first issue is humble beginning, being printed from my desktop printer and assembled by hand. Each issue has it’s own nuances (ink stains/color shifts) that make it unique from the others. Grab one here. If you’d like to contribute to the next issue, feel free to email us – pushitastop at

“Which Hip-Hop Artists Know More Words Than Shakespeare?”


My good friend Paulina sent me this article from CNET where they compare the vocabularies of some of today’s hip-hop artists to that of Mr. Shakespeare. They used a photo of Aesop Rock that I shot in 2007 on a Holga.

Delicate Steve “Butterflies” Music Video

Simple yet effective, great jam. Delicate Steve.


Part of being a good rider is knowing how to utilize a spot. Part (most) of being a good video editor is knowing how to utilize a soundtrack. This is a great example. Edited by Oleg Lyubimov.

Russell Houghten from The Cinematographer Project

he trippy mane.

this is also the last time I will ever tolerate watching any sort of time-lapse video (besides Koyaanisqatsi, of course.)

Pretty Lights – We Must Go On


I hit end search and set the shutter speed. “You got that!” I told the rad fiend, goin’ for broke. “Get your timing right” I said to the photographer. He was like totally staring into the void of albert street. This was his last chance to shine before the day is over. He let the good times roll but got sent head first into a dead sailor. I was scared to look though the lens. I thought he was dead. Bang! He got shutdown like homeless trash. Total domination. “That’s it!” he said from the ground up. It was a nice try but he was a day late and a dollar short.

We used a digital interface for the ruff draft but some parts had corrupted images due to electronical cuts. The camera was made in Taiwan, so you get what you get. 1201 copies were sold across the pond, but some parts were banned because Brighton ain’t ready. We got props from riders from hell. The family tells us ‘safety first’. Voices say ‘just play football’ and ‘don’t quit your day job anytime now’, but we let ’em talk. All day us damn kids are on the clock, stoked on being pumped for the sake of video. It was time well spent, besides the criminal mischief charges. Our cheap thrills get us nowhere fast, but get used to it, we’re still here.

Enjoy Flip Clips volume 4.