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Reed Stark’s California Safari

Reed Stark came out to California with three days worth of clothes and a bloodlust for chunks of steel. Navigating and executing by day, moving under veil of tree-cast shadows by night, searching hours just for a safe floor to sleep on. All it took was one wrong step and Reed’s quest was forestalled until next season. With ice on foot and spoils in hand, Reed hitchhiked back to the Midwest to devise his next excursion into the jungle.

Coordinated by BSD. Thumbnail photo by Tristan Afre.

Tony Malouf Clear Water Beverage Promo

Expertly edited by dar man himself.

BSD “In the Streets of Athens”

A week long trip in Athens, Greece with Dave Sowerby yielded BSD this spectacular video. Newcomer Sam Jones holds his own amongst the veteran killers while the veterans add badges to their vests. Remember the “Living for the City” series? What am I talking about, of course you do.