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Hop Photo Contest

hop contest1Photo by Kaleb Bolton

It’s the cornerstone of most tricks we do on a regular basis, yet the beauty of the bunnyhop is oftentimes overlooked. You don’t need much assistance from a ramp, ledge or launch of any sort- a simple hop can be done pretty much anywhere.

This photo contest will be judged without any bias to a certain riding skill level- because the only trick necessary is a classic bunnyhop. The hop doesn’t even have to be over anything!

Entries can be new or old, in any medium, but you only get one entry. Use the Flickr group to enter (include “Hop Contest” in the title).

The winning photograph will be posted on the front page and the photographer and rider will both receive prize packages from Push It A Stop and TCU.

Deadline is February 1st.

Any questions can be directed to the submissions email.