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WTP Dillon Lloyd BUCK Promo

WeThePeople “Rain or Shine” Full Video

“Wet days, damp concrete, red bricks and grey skies. Wind in your face, waiting for the sun that never shows, heading for shelter and flicking the vickers up above. Its what we do over here. It’s rain or shine.

Featuring Moritz Nussbaumer, Oli Landgraf, Dima Prykhodko, Peter Sawyer, Mike Curley and Max Gaertig.

Filmed in Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Cologne and Bonn by Peter Adam. Edited by Peter Adam.

Extra footage from Max Gaertig, Ben Franke.”

WeThePeople Print Ad


Here’s the latest ad from WeThePeople that is running in RideBMX issue 196. Jason does a no-footed can out of a rail while a perched onlooker wishes her crippling social anxiety wouldn’t prevent her from leaving her curiously shaped apartment. She dreams of one day riding Jason’s signature frame “The Irish” but for now she can only watch from afar and write letters to her distant pen pal. Shot by Hadrien Picard.