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WeThePeople “Rain or Shine” Full Video

“Wet days, damp concrete, red bricks and grey skies. Wind in your face, waiting for the sun that never shows, heading for shelter and flicking the vickers up above. Its what we do over here. It’s rain or shine.

Featuring Moritz Nussbaumer, Oli Landgraf, Dima Prykhodko, Peter Sawyer, Mike Curley and Max Gaertig.

Filmed in Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Cologne and Bonn by Peter Adam. Edited by Peter Adam.

Extra footage from Max Gaertig, Ben Franke.”

Sosh Urban Motion 2 – 2nd Place – Alex Donnachie and Peter Adam

Holy shit. This is fucking awesome. The only question that my friends and I have collectively right now is “what the fuck won first place?” The story is funny, the shots (with a smartphone, I might add… Props to Peter Adam) are stunning, the soundtrack is upbeat and inspiring, and the riding- well, it’s Alex D. You want a great weekend? Watch this every morning. HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE!