From the Archives.

Hey all. Its good to see Devon Posting on here as well. He is a friend of mine back in Louisville and definitely knows his stuff behind the lens.

I was looking through a bunch of old photographs and i came across one one of the first riding photo that i was ever really excited about. 

This was an interesting shot because i didnt use typical gear. I was home in louisville on break from photography school and i had borrowed a TON of equipment. This photo was shot using the following.

Lights– Profoto Acute 600 w/s Studio heads with 3’x4′ Softbox and one bare head.

Mamiya 645 AFD II with a Leaf Aptus 22 Digital Back, 50mm lens.

Shooting ISO 50. Shutter 1/500 @ f/4

It was a really interesting shot. Using medium format digital the dynamic range even 5 years ago was amazing. The photo has an almost HDR  feel but was never shot as such. I just thought i would share. Keep shooting and expect some new posts from me soon.


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