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“The Chase”

I just did this as a volunteer for the SNOB Film Festival. They wanted some kind of action sequence to put in their Kickstarter fundraiser. I was heading to LA anyways so I hit up Jush [Allen] since I knew he was doing some acting out there and we busted the filming out in a few hours.

Gear: Canon 5DIII
Canon 60D
Canon 17-40mm f/4L
Canon 70-200mm f/4L
Sigma 50mm f/1.4
Tripod Slider
Zoom H1 mic
Big reflector

It was basically a backpack movie… everything could fit attached to my bag.

BMX Parodies.

Never in my life did i expect to see parody BMX videos, but this guy is actually making me laugh. The awesome part is he actually makes legit videos. They’re right on par with the quality of some of the videos they’re poking fun at. It all seems to be in good fun and is definitely entertaining. Instead of posting one video i’ll just give you the link to the vimeo profile. Not all videos are parodies but its easy to find the ones that are. Go check out some of the videos and have a laugh on behalf of some witty canadians.

The Z-Rig

Fellow rider and film maker Chris Zeppieri has just launched the website for his custom Z-Rig.

He has spent quite a while designing and fine tuning the rig for a lot of versatile use without being over designed. I have personally used an earlier version and i must say i love it.
It keeps shots steady and has multiple ways to hold and attach accessories.

Made to fit just about any HD DSLR or video camera.
Made from steel and strength tested with a price tag of $75 dollars, how an you go wrong?

What are your daily photographic resources?

What inspires you? Is it an image you saw in a magazine that you want to recreate? Or an article you read about a new technology that can make one thing a little easier or brings a new style of editing to the click of a button? Maybe its that new lens that youre just itching to throw on your camera and just go wandering. Everybody has different things that inspire them to shoot or invokes an idea.
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Anthem 2 Trailer and pre-order info

It is finally here!

The Long awaited and often delayed follow up to Stew Johnsons  Anthem is ready.

I didnt watch the first anthem until a couple of years after its release and it is still one of my favorite videos of all time. You can check out the Pre Order info  for Anthem 2 over at Props.

Also check out for more info

I am definitely picking one of these up.

Diy Ringflash over at

I am a huge DIY enthusiast and I have made a lot of light modifiers over the years. About a month ago i made my own DIY ringflash. I was wanting to document it but i got distracted. Low and behold over at there is a post with some instructions on how to make one. Its not the same way i made mine but it is still another very effective set up. Mine is also a lot bigger which would soften the light a wee bit more.

Follow this link and go check it out.

From the Archives.

Hey all. Its good to see Devon Posting on here as well. He is a friend of mine back in Louisville and definitely knows his stuff behind the lens.

I was looking through a bunch of old photographs and i came across one one of the first riding photo that i was ever really excited about. 

This was an interesting shot because i didnt use typical gear. I was home in louisville on break from photography school and i had borrowed a TON of equipment. This photo was shot using the following.

Lights– Profoto Acute 600 w/s Studio heads with 3’x4′ Softbox and one bare head.

Mamiya 645 AFD II with a Leaf Aptus 22 Digital Back, 50mm lens.

Shooting ISO 50. Shutter 1/500 @ f/4

It was a really interesting shot. Using medium format digital the dynamic range even 5 years ago was amazing. The photo has an almost HDR  feel but was never shot as such. I just thought i would share. Keep shooting and expect some new posts from me soon.


Personal projects and why they’re important.

The personal project. This can be anything, anything that you as a photographer or videographer can come up with.

I myself am a full time professional photographer. That means all of my income is based on my ability to sell myself and get my clients the images they are looking for. Whether it is a family looking for pictures for the holidays, or a bride looking to have me capture every single moment of her wedding day. I am always shooting not only for myself but for the client as well. But there are things like. Guidelines and deadlines. Once I am finished I move onto the next client or possibly work on 10 different projects at once.

I love what i do for a living and i am grateful that i get to work my but off to be able to do it. But every once in a while even the great photographers in the world get burnt out on churning out photos of kids and wedding dresses weekly. This is where the personal project comes in.

A personal project is a goal that you give yourself in your photographic ( or video ) endeavors. It can be a portrait series, a landscape series, photographs of shoes. It can be completely random. The entire concept is up to you. The personal project helps keep the mind fresh. It keeps you thinking about something new even if you have pigeon holed yourself into a market that has you shooting the same thing day in day out. It doesn’t matter what type of work you do, personal projects are important.

I know many photographers who have completed several projects over their lives and have no desire to show anybody but their closest friends and family. Theyre not in the project for the coverage it may bring them. They’re in it for the love of the photo.

There are also photographers who take on a personal project for the reason to show as many people as possible. Whoever will want to see the images can see them. It may be to raise awareness for a cause or to show a side of a world most people do not get to look into. They feel its their duty as a photographer to educate the world on whatever it is they have experienced.

Whatever the project may be. As a photographer, professional or amateur, you should always at least have something in the back of your mind that drives you. Something to break up the every day regimen.

If you could do a photo project on anything in the world. What would it be?

Got it? … Good. Now get started.