What are your daily photographic resources?

What inspires you? Is it an image you saw in a magazine that you want to recreate? Or an article you read about a new technology that can make one thing a little easier or brings a new style of editing to the click of a button? Maybe its that new lens that youre just itching to throw on your camera and just go wandering. Everybody has different things that inspire them to shoot or invokes an idea.

For myself its a mixture of things. Internet, Magazines and Music do it for me.

I like most of the world now spend probably a little too much time on the computer, but with that i have my daily routine of web browsing to help trigger the gears in my head to keep turning.


Professional Photography Blog is a site that just focuses on photographers work. Where most sites post tech and workflow in the mix. Every post is about a different photographer with some kind of link to their work. If you’re into looking for new photographers for inspiration this website is definitely worth bookmarking.


Photofocus is a site run by longtime pro photographer Scott Bourne. Loaded with information regarding gear, photo and editing workflow, and the issues that photographers may face. Photofocus is another site i visit daily to just have a good read.


When you’re editing down 4000+ photos from a wedding there is nothing better than listening to yourfavorite and some potentially new music.

Once im ready to venture out into the world I like to go to my local Starbucks /bookstore, Grab a coffee and just check out magazines. I will browse the photography related ones but i really get my ideas from the big name magazines such as GQ, Marie Claire, and Vogue. I also don’t stray away from browsing the home, technology and music sections. I will take ideas i got from 3 different magazines and combine them to come up with something new.

This sounds like a lot to do but i will have all of my web browsing and the bookstore run done by 10AM and still have a lot of day to maybe even implement some of the inspiration and ideas i got.

With all of that sometimes i just like to throw on my headphones and go walk around the city shooting anything i like.

No matter where you get your inspiration be sure to stick with it and always be ready to try new things.

What do you think?

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