10 Free Alternatives to Photoshop for Mac & PC

While Photoshop is one of the the industry standards for photo editing, it can also be quite costly.  With Photoshop CS5 running you about $700 (and CS5 Extended costing as much as $1000), it can be a difficult purchase to have to make.  Of course, if you are a student or educator of some sort, Adobe will cut you some serious deals, with Photoshop CS5 Extended only costing $200.  Even if you’re not qualified for that discount but you know someone who is, have them buy it for you with their discount.  However if $200 is still too steep a price for you, one of my favorite tech websites did a little write up on some free alternatives, for both Mac & PC.  Unplgged is a great site for all things tech, and while there is generally more mac related content, you can count on some really interesting articles regarding photography/cameras.  Check out the 10 Free Alternatives Here

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