I hit end search and set the shutter speed. “You got that!” I told the rad fiend, goin’ for broke. “Get your timing right” I said to the photographer. He was like totally staring into the void of albert street. This was his last chance to shine before the day is over. He let the good times roll but got sent head first into a dead sailor. I was scared to look though the lens. I thought he was dead. Bang! He got shutdown like homeless trash. Total domination. “That’s it!” he said from the ground up. It was a nice try but he was a day late and a dollar short.

We used a digital interface for the ruff draft but some parts had corrupted images due to electronical cuts. The camera was made in Taiwan, so you get what you get. 1201 copies were sold across the pond, but some parts were banned because Brighton ain’t ready. We got props from riders from hell. The family tells us ‘safety first’. Voices say ‘just play football’ and ‘don’t quit your day job anytime now’, but we let ’em talk. All day us damn kids are on the clock, stoked on being pumped for the sake of video. It was time well spent, besides the criminal mischief charges. Our cheap thrills get us nowhere fast, but get used to it, we’re still here.

Enjoy Flip Clips volume 4.

One response to “FLIP CLIPS VOLUME 4

  1. That’s awesome.

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