Canon 5D mkIII Released


The long-awaited Canon 5D mkIII was finally released today amid a flood of pre-orders and media hype.  I won’t do a full spec list, but I will talk about a few new features that I’m psyched on.  Check out more after the jump.

-The LCD on the rear is now a 3.2″ ClearView screen and seems to have an aspect ratio if 16:9, versus the typical 4:3 found on most DSLRs.  This cue seems to be taken from the 1D X, and really highlights Canon’s transition into the EOS HD Video era.

-Digic 5+ processor is going to yield much higher quality images, I believe the current comparison now is that an ISO of 6400 on the mkIII is comparable to an ISO of 1600 on the mkII, which is a vast improvement.

-6fps shooting on a full frame.  Awesome.

-61 point autofocus, as opposed to the mkII’s 9 points of autofocus

-Dual UMDA CF/SD card slots, for dual record, back up, or just extra space.

-Headphone jack, for monitoring levels during/after shooting.  This is wonderful

-29 minutes and 59 seconds of continuous video recording!  This is hands down the best feature because a constant problem for me was the ~12 minute cutoff for video recording.

Overall, I am very excited to see this released, and I think it is a great, slightly cheaper alternative to this 1D X, while still having some similar features.  While the price is substantially higher, (we’re talking around $4,299.99 for the kit, a full $1,000 more than the mkII), I think it is going to be well worth it.  For my money though, I’d rather wait and see what Canon is doing with this 4K DSLR before buying a new HDSLR for myself…

Pre-Order it here

Or read B&H’s comprehensive announcement of it here

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