A Few Recent Pics…

Chris Saunders with a little smith at the new Somerville skate plaza (in progress)

My buddy Bryan Tarbell, who posts over at LeastMost dropped off his Bronica SQ-A along with a few rolls of expired Kodak Portra 400 B&W film for me to shoot.  I just got the first roll back, and I got a few decent ones out of it, but now that I’ve got the feel of medium format cameras down I’m psyched to shoot more!  Here are three pics that I liked…definitely cool to get back little square black and white photos…it’s like the analog version of instagram.

Check some more after the jump..

My car in the early evening

Dave and his beloved BMW E30

One response to “A Few Recent Pics…

  1. ah wonderful to see other fellow film-users. i currently shoot a mixture of both digital and film. check out my blog when ur free 🙂

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