Photo of the Week: Levi Marshall

This week’s photo is of Steven Hamilton in Columbus, Ohio, shot by Levi Marshall. What attracted me to it initially were the colors- his grips, shirt and pedals matching the surrounding sky pretty nicely. The composition is strong and the framing in front of the building is spot-on. The lighting is deep but not overly dramatic. It is an undeniably action-packed shot with an amazingly precise exposure.

“I shot this photo late last spring in downtown Columbus, Ohio. It was my first time shooting with Hamilton. He loves fisheye and doesn’t like shadows on his face in riding shots. So I put the flash in front of him up really high on a light stand and squatted pretty low in a bush for my angle. In post, I warmed up the photo a little since it was super overcast. I also cloned out a couple spots of flash flare since I was using a cheap fisheye.

Canon EOS 7D, Rokinon 8mm fisheye, Vivitar 285HV main flash at 1/4 power, Vivitar 285HV for the kicker light 1/2 power, Paul C. Buff Cybersyncs. Camera settings: 1/250th at around f/8 iso 250.”

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One response to “Photo of the Week: Levi Marshall

  1. Yeah – great shot!

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