Photo of the Week: Nick Jones

This week’s photo is from Nick Jones of South Jersey local Chris Aceto. I am a fan of the rigid composition with all vertical lines being totally vertical. The perspective shows precisely what the setup involves. His dark clothing juxtaposes the white wall incredibly. The background adds a nice depth and tells a little about the area.

“Chris’s old house was in your typical small suburban New Jersey town with pretty much nothing to ride. Somewhere within it lies this perfect gap over to wall ride setup, which he fired out first try. I went with this straight on angle because it was pretty much the only way to show that he had to gap over the ledge, and I was into all the straight lines. Pretty simple setup, two flashes to my left probably at 1/4th or 1/8th shot on a Nikon D7000 with 50mm 1/250th @ f/8 ISO 100.”

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