Photo of the Week: Laureano Vallejos

I like this photo especially because of the perspective- people don’t usually see things from a vantage point above the subject. It really takes the action out of context and abstracts it. The lighting is great and it’s a nice looking whip.

“Is particularly crazy because a friend was taking this photo with a telephoto lens from the front, when performing his work ended, I put a Pocket Wizard on my camera and take this angle with its setting of flashes. Really just wanted to try that angle because it looks at the difficulty of the trick, I did not bring my equipment with me, just the camera. Matias Aristimuño is a very good friend and stylish rider, is always ready to try one more when the photo was not perfect. Argentina has many spots to ride and take good photos, but always has the same problem, you’re always thinking about the possibility of being robbed more than the picture you will get! It’s a picture acceptable for conditions in which it was taken.

Canon fisheye 15mm, Canon 1Dmk2n, 2 Vivitar 285 HV of my friend and Pocket Wizard-“

More of Laureano’s work can be seen here.

Shoot from above and upload your images to the Flickr group!

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