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Photo Of The Week: Nick Wotton

ant down whip tq re size
I’ve been pretty active with the Push It A Stop Flickr lately and have been noticing a lot of photographers work level increasing rapidly which had me thinking damn, I haven’t done a photo of the week in a long time. From now on check back here every friday to see who took the top spot. I guess you could say “first up” is Nick Wotton with this downside whip of Ant Richards. Keep Reading for some words from the man himself on how this photo went down.

“It was my day off college and my flash stands had just arrived that morning so i was keen to go out and shoot a photo, I met up with some lads from my town and we cruised over to the seafront to meet up with the rest of the crew.

We ended up coming across these black wedges which are pontoons for the harbour, straight away Ants all over them busting out tricks before i could even set up, luckily he was patient enough to let me set up for this whip photo as he is a nightmare at times for sending ridiculous stuff without telling anyone what he’s doing.

Ant is one of the best riders in my area sending pro level stuff with no fuss all day long, But he is fully underground and thats the way he likes it, We waited for the sun to set and then i set up, one canon speed light 540exii fired by pocket wizard flex tt5 to the far left giving him some back light and then the same set up to my right lighting the pontoon and Ants bike, I used a Canon 5d mrkii with a 50mm 1.8 and the mini tt1 to trigger.” – Nick Wotton

Canon 5d mrkii – Canon 50mm 1.8 – ISO 100 – F/ 3.2 – 1/500th

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Photo of the Week: Brant Moore

brant moore potw

The photo this week comes from a set of pipes in the ceiling at Ray’s Skatepark where Thriller BMX‘s Sponge finds a snug toothpick stall.

“The idea for this photo originally came during filming for the odd couple video contest. Hollywood told Sponge and I about an idea he had given to one of the other dudes on another team and we kinda left it at that. Then this past Sunday we noticed the setup while riding and talked about how it really didn’t look like it would be too bad to get done. I don’t have two front pegs so this one was all Sponge’s.
Shooting the photo was pretty fun too. I had to stand against a wall on the deck of a quarter that was only about 6 inches, then hang onto some nails that we’re sticking out of a board bolted to the wall. My girlfriend Victoria held the flash for me and I snapped a couple test shots as Sponge attempted the trick. We moved around a bit until I was satisfied with the angle and lighting. The second to last photo was good enough but he hadn’t pulled the trick yet so I tried another angle on the next attempt and it turned out to be a winner. He pulled the trick and the photo came out perfectly. I don’t normally like to shoot photos where you can’t fully see the riders face but this was one of those occasions where the angle to see his face wouldn’t have done any justice to how awesome the trick and setup really are.

Panasonic GH4
Rokinon 7.5mm @ F/3.5
Lumopro Flash with Cactus Receiver
Flash Set At 1/64
SS – 1/100
WB – Flash
ISO – 800”

Photo of the Week: Rob Perry

rob perry potw 1

Chris Small in Milton Keynes, England by Rob Perry.

“I shot this photo last weekend in Milton Keynes, England of my mate Chris Small. It was taken at around 11:30 at night when we were just riding around the city having a good session and I decided to get out my camera at this cool alley spot we ride. I wanted to create/shoot the photo so it looked as if the street lights were lighting up the scene, I used a Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX kit that I was borrowing from college to light up the photo. But when I was placing the lights it was quite annoying because there was a short wire that was connecting the battery pack to the two lights, so I had to work out the different angles for the lights with them not far apart. But it worked out and this is what I got.

Camera info: Canon 7D with a 50mm 1.8. 1/100, @ f/5.6, ISO 250 and then Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX lights.”

Photo Of The Week: Dennis Bunn


“We shot this photo at Villanova University, there was probably about 30 people standing around watching so that was stressful, and I had to clone a couple people out of the photo. it was the first day with my new camera so i was still getting used to it. Marty didn’t even really wanna do the hanger, we didn’t film it or anything, i just thought it would make a cool photo. Marty is the man.

Tech Info:

Nikon D610 — 1/160th — F/ 7.1 — ISO 100


vivitar 285 camera left at full power. vivitar 285 camera far left at full power zoomed in on rider. sb26 camera right at 1/2 power. cactus triggers.”

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Photo of the Week: Jon Matalavage


What I like most about this photo is the lighting- a lot of times when shooting wallrides, the shadows created by flashes are very distracting and unpleasant. The best way to solve this is to put the light exactly perpendicular to the wall so that the shadow does not spread across the wall. Of course this is just a guideline and is not always going to create the best lighting- however in this case it worked like a charm. The addition of the flash from above makes an almost seamless rim light continuous with the flash on the left.

“I shot this photo of Jake Hanczar in State College PA, we were out pedaling around one night about 9:30pm trying to come up with a spot to shoot when I mentioned the curved wall. It has been a wall I’ve always wanted to shoot and not being able to think of an other spots we headed to the wall, Jake had never ridden this wall before but after a couple goes at it he had it unlocked.
It’s kind of a strange location because the wall is located down at basement level to the building it’s connected to, unfortunately for Jake this gave him very little run up for speed. Fortunately for me it allowed me to be above him at ground level to get the angle I wanted. I played around with different lighting a few times before getting it how I wanted. I placed one flash to the left of him in between the wall and the AC unit, the second flash is located right above Jake extended out on a tripod that I connected with a pallet that was laying around to keep the tripod from tipping over and falling off the wall. We were both stoked on how it turned out.

Canon 40D

Canon 50mm 1.8

1/250 @ f/4.0

ISO 500

2 Sunpak PZ42X (flash on the left @ 1/4 power, flash above @ 1/8 power)

2 Vello Freewave Fusion triggers”

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Photo of the Week: Rados Ruzic

rados potw

Originally, Rados had uploaded a photo of the same trick in the same location with the same lighting, but without the rider framed in the lit rectangle. I thought it strange and commented on the photo, asking why he hadn’t done so. He replied that he actually had, and uploaded that image. That image is what you see before you now, the Photo of the Week.

“It was a hot summer day in Belgrade and around 37 degrees celsius. Bike Festival was held in city center. I got call from my friends to go there, so I packed my gear, took my bike and rushed to the festival. Half of the streets were closed because of a bike race and thats why route to the center wasnt complicated. Once I got there, there was a flatland demo session after which we went to ride, we found couple of places which would be impossible to ride if there wasnt bike festival. One of those places was this old building without windows and without roof, it was perfect place for shooting. The light was getting through opening of a window and thats what gave me idea for this photo. I asked one of my friend Miroslav Springelj aka Mire to throw some flat line on the spot where the light was, plan was to capture his shadow there. Setup was simple, only one Nikon SB24 flash (on the right side, behind the wall) triggered with wireless trigger. At the end of the day I finished with couple of great shots and one of them was this one.

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Sigma 28-105mm f2.8
Iso: 100
Aperture: F7.1
Shutter: 1/200”

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Photo of the Week: David West

david west potw

This photograph is visually striking because of the color contrast. The rider’s red shirt against the gelled blue environment demands your eye’s attention. The angle is simple but I like it- I feel like I’m standing there on the side of the ramp watching him ride it. The composition is great and I love that the coping meets the corner of the frame perfectly. From a riding standpoint, this is a first-rate tabletop at heights out of a vert ramp that most riders will only dream about.

I woke up to the first snowstorm of the season in Baltimore with the day off work. Charm City Skatepark is our local indoor park here and they had just finished building one of the smoothest vert ramps on the east coast. First thing I did that day was gave my good friend John Burnie a call so we can shred that thing. He brought up the idea of grabbing a photo.

Once I got there I had noticed that the ramp was a much lighter color than anything else there. I am a huge fan of using color gels and had the idea to throw a #8 on an Einstein and hide it behind the matching pillar at the bottom of the ramp. I placed the other at the top of the ramp and got to work. John is a rider that get higher off the ground than anybody you’ll see without a sponsorship so he was the man for the job, ended up pulling a couple of steezy tabletops that this photo doesn’t do full justice to. End result was this photo, which is one of my favorites. I originally wanted to have the entire ramp in the photo but I had limited space. What I ended up with was much more satisfying than the goal set.

Camera: Canon 5dmk2
Lens: 17-40 @17mm
Iso: 800
Aperture: f/8
Shutter: 1/400 sec
Triggered with pocket wizard flextt5 with mc2’s for einsteins, both lights at full power (for hypersync)

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Photo of the Week: Ryan Ogawa

chad osburn by ryan ogawa

February in a bike shop here in central California is typically a slow time of year. On this day in 2012 Chad Osburn and myself took an extended lunch to ride Chad’s Alma Matter. After shooting a few other shots digi around the school, we stumbled on these rails. I knew this would make for a good medium format shot, due to the ambiance and timeless, reckless, high school feel. What obviously added to the difficulty, was trying to avoid the snack bar counter, but he ended up sliding a few nice slow cranks across the cool blue rail. I shot this packed up and back to the shop we went.
As far as flash setup, my memories a little foggy, but I believe I used two flashes – Sunpak 555 in the far back right approx. 8ft. back, and a Nikon SB-28 to the camera’s left facing Chad.
Camera: Hasselblad 500c/m with the 80mm 2.8
Shutter: 1/250
Aperture: f 5.6
Triggered with: Paul C. Buff’s Cybersync’s
Film: Kodak Ektar 100

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Photo of the Week: Josh McElwee

josh stair potw

Not much to say about this photo- just that it will be the best Photo of the Week ever posted.

This was shot on an unseasonably warm, rainy December day in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I was out shooting with Josh Stair, Evan Smedley, and Cody ‘Mclovin’ Neiswender when we rolled up to this rail. Josh fired out this switch tooth-hanger in one go.

Three lights were used in the making of this photo. The main light was an Einstein at camera right, about 8 feet up and aimed at the left side of Josh’s face, in order to cast a slight shadow on the side of his face most visible to the camera. This light was also feathered very far to the left in order to keep the light away from the building in the background. The rim light was an AB800 and came from camera left about 40 feet back. The large distance from the light to the subject causes the light to fall over a larger area, and gives me some detail in the trees on the right side of the frame. The final light was a Vivitar 285 on the ground, hidden behind the holiday greens on the bottom of the rail. This was just used as a general backlight and assisted in further separating him from the background.

Camera info:

Canon 5D MK II
70-200 f/4
1/200 at f/4.5, ISO 100

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Photo of the Week: Alex Herzog

Nolan Wallrdie 640 for Scott

The only downside to the sport of BMX is that it is inherently illegal. Even if you ride in skateparks, most don’t allow bikes, so you are technically breaking the law by riding there. But it is especially hard for us street riders. This day, Nolan [Santana], Joe and I were pedaling around the sketchier parts of South San Francisco in search for new spots. While cruising down the street, I saw Nolan hit this little wallride and thought it would make a good photo, as the wall framed him quite well with his black t-shirt and jeans. However as I was setting up my camera, the tenant came out and started to yell at us to leave after he heard the ruckus. Nolan and I really wanted this photo so we asked if we could just get one more go, and he said in his most terrifying voice “No, now I’m going inside to get my gun, and when I come out, ya’ll better be gone.” We gave it one more go and got this shot, and proceeded to get as far away from this spot as possible. This photo was shot on a 35mm Nikon FTN with no external flashes. I had the camera set at f5.6 with a shuterspeed of 1/250th. In the darkroom I had the enlarger set on a higher filter of 4.5 to really get that contrast and make Nolan pop off that wall. I also did some burning on the tops of the buildings to seperate them from the blown out foggy sky.

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