Photo of the Week: Brodie Sturm

What first caught my eye was the extensive dip of this 360… Pretty crazy style right there. The merit of this photograph comes from the lighting, with that rim light popping him right out of the background (with help from the orange bike). The composition is formally structured and the attention is led directly to the action. Mostly though, it’s just a crazy 360.

“This photo came from my first shoot with Joe Battaglia a few weeks ago. I had just picked up new Promaster flashes and was looking to test them out. I had met Joe a few weeks ago and talked about shooting soon, so I gave him a call and we made our way from the chicago suburbs up to 4Seasons in Milwaukee. After a few hours of shredding we started shooting. We took a couple shots on the frontside of the step up then moved to the backside for the corked three. I choose the angle I did because of strong leading lines coming from the left side that pull your eye into the photo. My first flash is a Promaster FL1 placed to camera right at about 45°, at 1/4 power. This flash provides the main light for the shot. my second flash is a Promaster DSS 6000 studio slave at the face of the jump at camera right, about 145°, and set it to 1/2 power. This flash will provide the rim light that will separate Joe from the background. Both flashes are paired with Promaster receivers with a transmitter on camera. This was shot with a Canon 5D mkII body and Canon 17-35mm f/2.8L lens, exposure f/5.6 @ 1/160sec ISO 400.”

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