“A Different Vision: Simple Session 13” by Dmitri Shushuyev

“For a lot of people who are watching and to a lot of riders who participate it is a major event. Last time I’ve been at Simple Session was in 2010, where I focused on filming most of the riding and to be honest thought that that was what I needed and wanted to film. Through recent years I’ve discovered that filming only riding gets boring over time and it does not give me the same satisfaction on completion as it used to before. Therefore this year I’ve decided to take a different path to this event and my newly acquired camera gear allows me to explore more possibilities than before.

I approached it from a different perspective and wanted to catch the beauty of the tricks, the people themselves, their emotions, the moments that the viewers don’t really get to see while sitting at home or sitting at the venue itself. Another aspect was to enjoy myself more and feed from the riders, the atmosphere surrounding and to meet new people. Of course the trickery that was unleashed was no doubt insane, however I got to enjoy it more than I did before, simply because creating something artsy and about the people is so much more rewarding.

I got to talk with Misha Rostomyan who is a very soulful rider and about the transformation of his style of riding as to where it was and where to it’s heading. Be on the lookout for some very interesting way of riding. Since I could not film the finals due to that only those who had STAFF badges could, I got to hang out with the Subrosa team and just goof around.

Also I tried filming skateboarding this year, however due to lack of knowledge and understanding I have unfortunately failed to capture a whole lot of it.

However, due to this and the fact that I could not film the finals I did get to experience my other passion, which is photography. Again my choice/direction was to capture the riders in their own element with both analog and digital cameras. Check the photos here:



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Technical info:
– Canon 7D
– Tokina 11-16 mm f 2.8
– Glidecam HD-2000″

Dmitri Shushuyev

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