Photo of the Week: Zach Gastin

Bear Smith Highschool PIAS

Obviously it’s not the craziest trick, but sometimes you don’t even need that to make a great photograph. One of my first photos published was a smith grind on a flat ledge. I am a huge fan of the composition of this photo- the ledge and building are perfectly horizontal and the flagpoles are perfectly vertical. The rider is framed in front of that bush giving him a nice backdrop and helping him stick out of the frame. The lighting is simple but effective. The rider’s green shirt makes him pop out amazingly, contrasted against the red brick and his red bars and forks. Also the spokes in his back wheel follow the same pattern. The sky is close to being blown out but not, and it’s yellow evening hue is very pleasing.

“Went out to ride for an hour with Bear and Daddie Tone at the High School. Bear was doing some feebles on the ledge so I thought we could shoot something for the fun of it. I did not (and still don’t) have a light stand so I had Tone hold the flash for me. I was going to use the fisheye but I thought the 40mm would make a nice composition or something artistic like that and I didn’t want to switch lenses. After getting the light in a good spot Bear did a smith and it looked good. We most likely went to get ice cream after, because that is what we do every time.
Shot with a Canon t3i and 40mm 2.8 pancake. Light was from a Neewer TT560 triggered with a Cow Boy Studio trigger.”

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