Photo of the Week: Nathan Beddows


This week’s photo captures a moment akin to the Normandy landings on D-Day in 1944. Maybe not as serious, but for some reason when looking at this photograph, D-Day comes to mind. Almost as important in this shot as the rider are the passersby walking under the obstacle, giving a sense of scale and place. I am a fan of the shapes in this composition, from the small rectangular posts in the water to the circle cutout in that wall. Although this is a digital crop/de-saturate, Nathan did it properly, including everything that needs to be included and creating a beautiful scale of tones from highlights to shadows.

This photo of Jason Phelan doing an overtooth in Aberdeen was shot during the 2010 Mongoose Ride To Glory trip. Jason had come along to film the trip.

The XMP on the photo says it was shot with a Nikon D3, a 50mm f1.4, at 1/1000 f5.6 iso 800. I can’t remember much from that exact day but it was pretty grim weather-wise and that people were walking past not noticing us ride the roof. We waited till people were in the frame each time before doing the shot. I think the photo that got used in the Ride To Glory issue had a jogger running past with Jason doing an overice stall. Nothing else interesting happened there apart from the trick and the photo.

I haven’t seen Jason much since he was extradited from England but we had travelled a lot together and shot a lot of photos. This is probably just one from several hundred. Kinda interesting that this was shot on a Ride To Glory trip, as both me and Jason were joint longest running participants (every year since its inception) until this year (its sixth) when neither of us went on it. I think the last photo I shot with Jason was him doing a backflip with a guy in a wheelchair called “Wheelz” at Corby Skatepark last year.

Check out more of Nathan’s work here.

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2 responses to “Photo of the Week: Nathan Beddows

  1. Reblogged this on stengdaddy and commented:
    Awesome photography here! I love how the people on the walk-way below are seemingly oblivious to the awesome nose grind happening above them! Great shot!

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