Photo of the Week: Rudy Rodriquez


The lighting and framing of this photograph are pretty much what had me sold. That clearance of black sky was made for a rider to be placed there. The rimlight on his legs is impeccable and pops him out of the background perfectly. The action is clear and timing is great.

“Basically, I was riding my local park as I usually do with the homies who like to come out and do bicycles at a place called Bear Branch Skatepark in The Woodlands, TX, this night when I noticed Andrew Wilson getting down with this amazing looking fast plant fakie move that just got my attention especially from the angle I was at when I saw him busting out with this move. It was about 9:42 pm when I had already did bicycles enough to the point where I was kind of tired and needed to take a break or stop. So, I approached Andrew and asked if he wouldn’t mind me getting a snap of the fast plant fakie. I saw the opportunity where it was perfect to get him in between the neat little bench and the tree perfectly for a decent photo to an amazing trick. I took advantage and seized the moment.

As far as setting up, it’s a little dark in that area compared to other areas of that park so I just worked with it until I was finally content to go with this using the usual sandwich lighting method w/left flash at about 10 o’clock & right flash at about 4 o’clock. Camera settings ISO: 400, exposure shutter: 1/160, aperture: f/3.5. Unfortunately, after all monthly bills & hefty sacks of safety purchases are paid for; I never seem to have enough money leftover to buy & shoot with the camera I really want. So, right now I’m shooting with a Canon T3. But, I’ve learned that it isn’t so much about the camera or equipment you’re using but mostly about how you use it while recognizing the fact that it would be way so sick to upgrade.”

Check out more of Rudy’s work here.

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