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2,130 photo time lapse

On my most recent solo excursion to New York, I decided to shoot a time lapse of the drive. I set the camera up on a tripod in the passengers seat, used a fisheye lens, set the intravelometer to shoot once every ten seconds. I was worried that the battery would run out, but alas it did not. Kudos to the LP-E4 battery for the 1DIII.


Mr. Oizo says lenses don’t matter and the 7D is shitty.

Mr. Oizo, who apparently is also a filmmaker, explains his reasoning behind his choice of gear.


Robin Leduc – Laissez Moi Passer

This is a very visually stimulating music video from French musician Robin Leduc. The song isn’t the greatest, but the stop motion animation makes up for it. I would tell you more about its production but I can’t read French.

Die Antwoord – Evil Boy

New video from South African zeffers Die Antwoord

Reflection New York

By french filmmaker Paul Mignot

El Guincho – Bombay

This music video contains everything necessary to be awesome; good music, absurd humor, topless girls on BMX bikes, and even a skateboarding clip. It was filmed by spanish cinematographer Marc Gomez del Moral and produced by CANADA.