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“Jack Kelly in Cali” by Daniel Johnson


You’ll probably recognize Daniel‘s name from a number of Division Brand edits and associate him with fast and burly riding, but I sure didn’t know that he’s got an eye for photography and knows his way around a camera- check out his website for some breathtaking landscape shots (also seen on his Instagram). He sent in these photos that he shot with Jack Kelly during a trip to California a few months ago to film for his recent Colony edit, and damn, they are clean.

I remember Cooper and DJ were talking about heading to California for a month to ride, so I asked if I could tag along. I’ve been to America once before, but without my bike, so I really wanted to go again and ride after seeing some of the spots they had in person. That month of just riding, hanging out with awesome people and riding amazing spots was incredible. I can’t wait to go back, thanks to Colony for helping me out with the trip. – Jack

Jack Kelly in Cali

Focalpoint “Into The City” Mixtape #2

If you saw the first “Into The City” that Focalpoint put out then you know what you’re in for now. Big city vibes, well-filmed clips, grinds, lines and good times. Nighttime footage, gym shorts, street performers. Marnold, Daniel Johnson, Cooper Brownlee, Melbourne.