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Figuré Issue 6 Online

Contents include an interview with Sergio Layos, an article with Josh Bedford, a story about pegs, a piece on the Sosh Urban Motion smartphone video contest, lots of French words and really great photographs. Enjoy!

Sosh Urban Motion Photo Gallery by Hadrien Picard

sosh gallery

Hadrien Picard has a photo gallery of shots from behind the scenes of the recent Sosh Urban Motion contest. Check it out.

Sosh Urban Motion 2 – 2nd Place – Alex Donnachie and Peter Adam

Holy shit. This is fucking awesome. The only question that my friends and I have collectively right now is “what the fuck won first place?” The story is funny, the shots (with a smartphone, I might add… Props to Peter Adam) are stunning, the soundtrack is upbeat and inspiring, and the riding- well, it’s Alex D. You want a great weekend? Watch this every morning. HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE!