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Ricky Adam x Destroying Everything Extended Edition

Destroying book 2nd edition hi res cover
Ever since I picked up my first Dig, I was inspired by Ricky Adam’s photographs. As I flipped through each new issue I was blown away with the energy he captured with his camera. When I heard his first book “Destroying Everything” was coming out, I knew I had to own it. Now that he’s doing an extended edition, I wanted to catch up with him and ask him a few questions about it. If you missed out on his first book, you won’t want to miss this one. It’s one for the shelves.
For kids who might not know who you are, could just give a little background info on yourself?
Hello. My name is Ricky Adam. I’m from Northern Ireland, although I have been living in mainland U.K. for the last 11+ years. I first picked up a camera in 1997 and haven’t stopped taking photos since.…I really wish I had some coffee right now to kickstart my brain before I answer these Q’s.
ricky adam skiplickers
What made you want to do an extended edition, or is it going to be completely different than the first book?
Well, I was approached by an Italian arts publisher, ‘Drago Arts & Communications’ and invited to make a 2nd edition of the book. The 1st edition sold out quickly, so the timing was perfect. Since the release of the 1st edition I had taken more photos that fitted well. So, the publisher suggested making an extended version to include these extra photos. Also, I found a few old negatives that I wanted to include in the original book. Typically, after searching for them for months I found them pretty much as soon as the first edition came out. At least they will now see the light of day.
How did you go about sequencing the work?
With ‘Destroying Everything’ it’s quite sporadic. It was a difficult volume to edit as I didn’t have a book in mind when I was taking a lot of these pictures. The time span for the book is 1997 – 2013. I needed to edit a selection of photos that worked with each other as well as the title.
ricky adam scanning
How has your work been received outside the bmx community? 
It’s surprisingly done really well. Although, you have to consider that it’s not strictly a BMX book. It has elements of BMX but the focus is on youth sub culture. So, it’s appeal is more wide reaching. I’ve found that a lot of people who have picked up the book aren’t necessarily into punk or BMX. But they can still relate to it & get something out of it. Which is cool. Apparently, the main demographic who have purchased it, are teenagers (angry teenagers) haha. I’m pretty sure I too would have liked seeing this book when I was younger.
What’s the importance of shooting personal projects outside of bmx?
I really need to. I mean, I’d get burnt out shooting anything over a sustained, long period.  It’s good for me to have a few different projects going on simultaneously. This way I can leave one for a while and then go back to it again. Recently, I haven’t been taking that many BMX photos. I’ve been doing other photo work which has meant stepping back a little from BMX. (At least for the time being).
Any other projects in the works at the moment?
Recently, I’ve been going through my archive. Scanning lots of negatives and prints. There’s a lot of pictures, that for some reason I skipped over the first time around. Over the years my eye has become more refined, which in turn helps with editing. So, at the moment, lots of sorting and editing. I’m always taking photos, and the more photographs I accumulate, the more scope there is for shaping other projects. I want to do something with my street photos eventually, as well as the other projects I have going on. I’m not in any rush. When it feels right, I’ll do something with them.
I’m currently working on a book about my time spent in the Midwest of America from 2001-2005. Titled: ” The Freezing Heart Of America”. Until recently, I hadn’t really looked at the photos properly. For the last 8-12 years they have been laying dormant. Partially forgotten about. Prints and negatives messily piled up in the squeaky, bottom drawer of a grey filing cabinet. It’s getting there. i just need to finalize a few things.
super america
midwest cowboy
glad to cover 6
A few months ago I made a photo Zine’ about punk jackets titled ‘Glad To See The Back Of You’. Basically snapshots of the back of punk jackets from the region of the U.K. I live in.
When’s your new book being released? and where can people get a copy?
I’m not sure of the exact date. I do know that it’s due to be released soon. By the end of 2013.  The extended, 2nd edition of ‘Destroying Everything’ will have more pages, slightly different layout, updated soft cover & it’ll be cheaper and a lot more readily available. It’s being published by Drago Arts & Communications and is currently available for pre – order from Amazon as well as a host of other good bookstores.coming soon lo res fbb

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