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The Most Epic Instagram Slam Ever

The idea was a simple one- do an Instagram Slam at Sheldon skatepark on a Sunday afternoon. Somewhere it got completely out of hand… Probably right when Reed Stark called out the most ridiculous gap to smith ever, and that was less than 20 minutes into the session! I want to mention first that Kilian Roth, in town with Cult from Germany, earned the MVP for the day even with a hefty language barrier and after he ripped his finger in half… You won’t forget his name. Jake Seeley was on a mission to appease his friend’s requests and spent a good deal of time on his pegs. Stevie was ON FIRE- he probably should have had his own filmer. Justin Shorty– the winner of Reed’s bike from the Onsomeshit/BSD jam the day before- adapted to his new ride in no time flat and started sending it. Traffic started to pick up around 1 o’clock and skateboards were flying every which way. People were crashing into things and each other like magnets. When Andrew Castaneda wasn’t busy boosting huge tables, he was pioneering grinds on the A-frame rail. Edwin and Hoder swung through to kick it and we saw Ed’s first barspin all year. Rocco made his presence known with some wild maneuvers that may become his signatures. Austin Aughinbaugh showed up and did possibly the longest smith grind ever done on a skatepark rail. Robbie was there but unfortunately his front wheel was not in working condition so he was forced to spend the entire six hours in a manual around the perimeter of the park… Then some kid punked him out and took his bike on a quick joyride. Brandon Begin snuck a few clips in then disappeared into a cloud of smoke. And then, just when we thought things were winding down, Sean Ricany shows up and shuts shit down- literally.

All-in-all, we are considering this the most epic Instagram Slam ever (we are sure you’ll agree) and possibly #50 in the series… If anyone wants to count ’em, we’d appreciate it. Thanks to Galactic Seabass (and Reed) for helping with camera duties. Thanks to everyone who participated by commenting on @thecomeupbmx. Look out for the next one!

TCU TV – The Photographer’s Discussion

A while back, I had the chance to get a few established photographers in the industry together to talk shop. I had a loose list of topics we could hit and Jeremy had a list of his own. We didn’t get to hit nearly as many subjects as we would have liked to, but that’s usually how these things go. I think we did pretty well with the time allotted and we’re hoping that any aspiring lensmen will be enlightened by our discussion.

If there are any specific topics that you’d want us to hit for the next discussion, please leave them in a comment below.

1:09 – Jeremy Pavia introduction
2:47 – Chris Mortenson introduction
4:28 – Josh McElwee introduction
6:25 – Jeremy’s “Through The Lens” column from The Union
9:21 – “Film vs. Digital” (actually we discuss Dean Collins and teaching for a while)
11:22 – We actually start discussing the film versus digital thing
13:26 – Shoutout to the darkroom
18:53 – What’s your favorite f/stop?
21:31 – “I just wanna capture the moment and sometimes the moment is shitty”
23:00 – No more hanging posters
24:11 – “Print vs. Online”
25:08 – Gregory Crewdson
28:48 – Readership
30:16 – Vinyl vs. MP3
30:55 – The Albion
31:55 – Props on VHS
36:04 – Josh’s story
37:45 – DIG/Focal Point
40:57 – A watered-down industry
43:35 – The process of shooting/choosing what gear to carry
46:13 – Getting the shot
49:22 – Fuck barspins.
50:35 – A collaboration between photographer and subject
55:19 – Riders getting hurt while shooting
57:01 – Shoutout to Kiraly
58:34 – RideBMX‘s 1 o’clock photo project
1:04:19 – Let’s talk about gear
1:08:57 – Advances in photo technology
1:12:25 – How to get your photos noticed
1:13:44 – Looking outside of BMX
1:15:43 – Experience
1:17:14 – Final thoughts and comments

West Coast Small Talk Gallery

ImageHead over to The Come Up and check out some photos I shot during my trip to California with Grant German while filming for Small Talk. All shot on my Olympus Stylus Epic loaded with some Kodak Portra 400.

Introducing Nick Jones and Chris Mortenson

nick and chris

Today I’m pleased to (officially) welcome to the Push It A Stop collective Nick Jones (Central Jersey) and Chris Mortenson (Los Angeles). Both of them have been putting in work behind the lens for a number of years which has afforded them both a tremendous knowledge of the photographic process and a keen eye. Combine that with a driven passion to collaborate and share, these two will are more than qualified to be working in the TCU family.



Portrait_1000Nick Jones

I first met Nick in person at a Mullaly skatepark jam a couple years ago. He had been emailing me for a few months, asking questions about camera gear and flash durations. I could tell he was dedicated because he was shooting with flashes on stands during a jam. Ask any photographer- that’s a risk you’re only willing to take if you really want some great photos. Through the years Nick has proved his worth by getting published in DIG and landing galleries on RideBMX, ESPN and WeAreOrangeJuice amongst others. At just 19 years old, Nick has already established himself in the industry and, thanks to his friendly nature and willingness to work, will only be expanding his client list from here on out.

nj2Stephon Fung, November 2013

nj3Lou Kubar, September 2012

nj1David Pendleton, March 2013



chrisChris Mortenson

To be completely honest- I don’t know Chris that well. We have only corresponded through email. What I do know is that he is extremely motivated and involved with multiple creative projects. He has a ton of very clean work on his website, but I’m pretty sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg that is his portfolio. I had him include his own bio so that I wouldn’t mix up facts.

Christopher Mortenson is a Los Angeles based photographer with a background deep rooted in New Mexico, where he grew up riding and shooting. He graduated from New Mexico State University in 2011 with a BFA in photography and made the move to LA in 2012 for a full-time photo gig with Quintin Co. Chris’s extensive interests in photography go way beyond shooting action, exposing him to a lot of different aspects of photography. But he still hits the streets with some of LA’s finest on the regular.

cm2Raul Ruiz, 2013

cm3Jackson Ratima, 2013

cm1The BBQ, 2012


You can expect to see original content from these two on a regular basis. Follow their day-to-day at @nickjonesphoto and @cmortenson. Follow @pushitastop to see the best riding photos that Instagram has to offer.