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Photo of the Week: Frank Christenson

frank christenson potw

A simple icepick on a bench in San Diego by Tom Perry balances the frame in this clean shot from Frank Christenson.

“I shot this when I visited San Diego, Ca last year (2013) with a Canon Ae-1 and Canon FD 50mm lens.The aperture was all the way open while the shutter was at about 1/500. Maybe 1000. No lights. Kodak 400 C-41.

I was pumped when I got the negatives back because I had stored the rolled stored away like a time capsule, which means I didn’t process it for few months. But long story short I really like the composition. and I’m into the lines and shapes. Simple trick, and it shows that the subject is going across the picture versus running out of the frame.”

Photo of the Week: Matt Hildebrand


The colors, the composition and the shapes in this photograph make this the photo of the week.

“James has a one-track brain, he’s either completely engaged or miles away in his own head. Unfortunately he’s spent the last three summers trying to catch up on credits in summer school. This summer day at Capitol Hill high school was different though. James showed up to get work done and double pegged down this hubba twice, showing his rare attention to detail and his obvious love for grinding shit. This high school in OKC’s Capitol Hill district was built in 1928. This hubba (along with the wallride on the opposite side) are recent additions to the other spots in this ancient school.

Shot f5.6 @ 1/500th onto Kodak Ektar 100 iso film with a Hasselblad 500c (80mm lens) then developed by Bedford Photo in OKC and scanned in on my canoscan 9000f film scanner. I don’t really edit my film scans more than removing dust and adjusting the exposure for digital presentation. Lately I’ve been shooting more color since my college darkroom is closed over the summer, Kodak has been my favorite color film for a while now. My favorite part about taking this photo was hiding the designated filmer (Manny) directly to the left of the frame on one of the top steps. I attempt to make truthful images and don’t photoshop out filmers or any other distractions. Spending time moving around and composing the right image before I press the shutter makes me much happier in the end.”

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Photo of the Week: Patrick Schwarzenecker


I was surprised to see this photo in the Flickr pool because not only is it film, but medium format film at that. Furthermore, I was psyched to read that Patrick developed the film himself in his bathroom. Beyond the format, I was pleased by the warm colors in this shot as well as the geometry in the ground, the framing of the rider and timing of the trick.

“This is Erwin Muench doing a toothpick over grind. We shot the photo straight after some troubles with the police.. We crunched some new curbs in the city center, and an old couple saw that, they made photos of us – we were a group of 10 riders -…it escalated. It was seriously but no one was hurt.
The police caught us in the Schweizergarten – a garden with some ponds near a military museum – but they let us go after it was revealed that booth sides not acted properly…
So after all that, the general desire was to chill at a pond. Every pond has catwalks on water level with low handrails. The break turned into a session. Erwin did the tooth over first try, so I asked him to do it again for my Kiev 88 – he agreed – so I began to search for a suitable perspective. With a Kodak Portra 160 in the back of my Kiev and the plan to catch as much as possible from the handrail and the water reflections, plus the choice between a normal (80mm)- and a fisheye (30mm) lens; the only thing that makes sense is a snapshot from above. Fortunately there was a viewing platform in front of the catwalk. I went up, looked through the viewfinder and it was perfect. I made a light metering, agreed with Erwin a spot and adjusted the cam. It took two tries, than it was done.
Back home I developed the film in my bathroom and scanned it.

Kiev 88
Kodak Portra 160
Developement Kit: Tetenal Colortec C-41”

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West Coast Small Talk Gallery

ImageHead over to The Come Up and check out some photos I shot during my trip to California with Grant German while filming for Small Talk. All shot on my Olympus Stylus Epic loaded with some Kodak Portra 400.

Photo of the Week: Ryan Ogawa

chad osburn by ryan ogawa

February in a bike shop here in central California is typically a slow time of year. On this day in 2012 Chad Osburn and myself took an extended lunch to ride Chad’s Alma Matter. After shooting a few other shots digi around the school, we stumbled on these rails. I knew this would make for a good medium format shot, due to the ambiance and timeless, reckless, high school feel. What obviously added to the difficulty, was trying to avoid the snack bar counter, but he ended up sliding a few nice slow cranks across the cool blue rail. I shot this packed up and back to the shop we went.
As far as flash setup, my memories a little foggy, but I believe I used two flashes – Sunpak 555 in the far back right approx. 8ft. back, and a Nikon SB-28 to the camera’s left facing Chad.
Camera: Hasselblad 500c/m with the 80mm 2.8
Shutter: 1/250
Aperture: f 5.6
Triggered with: Paul C. Buff’s Cybersync’s
Film: Kodak Ektar 100

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Photo of the Week: Mario Alciati


It doesn’t get much more bizarre than this week’s photo. When I first saw it I laughed out loud. What the fuck is going on??? Let’s break it down. A guy (Jack Hartje) is boosting a large launch ramp to flat over a semi-circle of fire and a guy on a motorcycle doing a burnout. There’s another guy on a motorcycle who is chugging a beer and also looks to be doing a burnout. There’s another motorcycle rider in the far background for reasons unknown. A guy is standing next to a tank of gas and filming with a cellphone. Seated next to him is a guy shooting a photo on an SLR who presumably had placed the flashes (looks to be 2 Sunpak 555‘s and a Vivitar 285) around the subject. We see the back of another man is crouching directly in front of the camera and looks to be also filming on a cellphone. The very best piece of this Xtreme puzzle is the GoPro on a jib arm creeping into frame from the right. Too fucking funny. I love that Mario realized that the whole scene was pretty wild and decided to take a few steps back to really show what’s going on, instead of just shooting the action.

“Jack Hartje is from Buffalo, NY. One morning he called my friend/roommate Korey and said something along the lines of

“Hey, a bunch of stunt riders are coming to an abandoned parking lot in Syracuse. I’m coming through with my ramp and I want to jump some shit. Oh yeah and bring gasoline if you have some.”

I threw my camera in my bag like I always do and without hesitation Korey and I set out (with gasoline) and met up with these guys. That day we proceeded to witness some of the craziest stunt riding we had ever seen.

While the riders were taking a break and having a beer, Jack got a couple of them in on the idea of sitting in front of the ramp and doing burnouts while getting jumped over.

They rode over and parked in front of the ramp while Korey poured some gasoline in front of them.

Jack peddled to the end of the parking lot and I ran over to a spot about 25 feet away hoping to get the photo I pictured in my head. I had to focus on the building in the background. I set the camera at 500 or 1000 shutter speed since I figured jack was going to be hauling ass as usual, and clicked the aperture a couple notches lower since I knew jack would be darker than the building I was focusing my camera’s light meter on.

Korey lit the gasoline, Jack peddled full speed at the ramp, engines redlined as the stunt riders did burnouts (and one chugged his beer), I snapped my shutter, and the rest is history.

Gear: Canon AE-1p on (400) and all manual, (I either use this or my Pentax K1000)
Film: Cheap Kodak B&W 400 film”

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