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Vimeo iPhone App!

Just as many people were thrilled by Vimeo’s decision to allow some videos to be viewed on a mobile device, I’m sure that just as many people, if not more, will be thrilled by their new iPhone App.  From what I can tell, it allows you to view videos, statistics, comments, and many other of Vimeo’s features, however the crowning achievement seems to be quite a big deal.  It allows you to capture video and edit multiple clips along with audio and titles (and obviously upload the finished product to Vimeo) all from within the app.  Many people may find this much easier than editing a video in the iMovie App, then switching to upload it via the Vimeo App.  How the video editing interface compares to iMovie, though, well, you’ll just have to try it yourself. I know most Vimeo users with iPhones are going to be psyched on this, I know I am. As soon as my phone finishes updating I’ll be downloading this App for a test drive…  Check out a short video of the app in use.



Filmer Board Setups

Props talks with some of todays filmers about the skateboards they use to film lines and fancy rolling long lens shots.

HD Video Compression Settings

If you’ve ever looked at the “Tutorials” section of this site, you may have noticed that there is a section for “Video Compression Settings“.  While this is a very helpful section, (I know I based my VX2000 compression and export settings on Scott’s write-up), those with HD cameras may be feeling a little left out.  As there are only SD compression settings, I figured that I’d do a write-up on my workflow for HD Video.  Check it out after the jump.

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New Contributions

Hey, I’m Lucas D’Angelo, and I’m going to be writing up some posts for Pushitstop.  I do a lot of video work, mostly as a filmer/editor for AOTC among other things.  A little bit ago, my good friend Chris Saunders posted a piece on here about the Personal Photography project, so I decided to write up a short piece on the Personal Video Project, which I posted to the AOTC site.  However, it seems like it would be more at home here.  To keep from reposting an entire article on a different site, you can read the original post here.  Enjoy!

Scanning/Processing tutorials

I wrote up, rather hastily, a tutorial for scanning film and a walkthrough for processing/editing said film. If anyone really cares to, give me some feedback. I know I should add some screen grabs and stuff… It would be much easier to do a video walkthrough, but I myself don’t have the patience for watching those things. How about you? Should I just do video tutorials? Responses greatly appreciated.


I thought it was about time I started #winning

Brian Barnhart

My dude Brian updated his photo website– he’s got a lot of clean stuff there, check it out.