Photo of the Week: Jason Colledge


This composition is untraditional with the action taking place directly in the center of the frame, but I feel that with the red frame sticking out of the predominately blue surroundings, it’s a great place for the subject to be. The yellow lines on the ground and on the sign on the right make the blue even stronger. The lighting is simple and creates a natural, pleasing vignette around the edges of the image. Icepicks are always nice to shoot, and that ledge looks like a good time.

“So after a lazy day after coming off shift I had a phone call from Tom in the evening asking if I was up for “Duzzy ledge” for an hour or so. Duzzy ledge (industrial estate ledge) is pretty sweet set up to be honest, very rare that you get hassled there, waxed up a treat, doubles up as a manual pad and is almost a bank to sub with the gradient of the parking spaces too.

Recently I’ve gotten myself into a habit of making sure my camera bag goes wherever I go and I’m glad it came with me on this venture. After having a good shred with Tom and Che, I thought I’d have a play with the camera. Instantly I knew I wanted to shoot something dead pan, I feel this setup worked well for that approach, the paint on the floor gave a form of symmetry which I wanted to include. I asked Tom to do a few icepicks and fired off a few shots before capturing him as central as possible. Good job Tom liked to slide icepicks…

I had two Vivitar 285hvs plugged into a FlexTT5 (one in the hot shoe and one into p2) to the left out of frame about 15ft both at 1/2 power and two Canon 540ez same again into FlexTT5 on the right out of frame at 1/2 power, triggered by a miniTT1 and shot with a 60D at f6.3 1/160 ISO320.”

Check out more of Jason’s work here.

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