Photo of the Week: George Herbert

george herbert

I chose this photo because I enjoy the ambience- you can almost feel the silence of that night. You hear a faint cassette hub in the distance and the sound grows louder. From behind the bushes emerges Rob Philips as he heads straight for the fence. For a moment, in mid-flight, everything is silent again. The next noise is a subtle “pop” from the flashes of George Herbert. All you can see for that split second is the rider in a perfect stylish hop, clear over the fence with no more worries than rolling away clean. That split second has become the photo of the week.

“This photo was shot a month or two ago when the English winter was providing us with its finest cold weather and short days. This spot is a bust in the day when people are working in the building conjoining the carkpark so after a bit of a warm up at the local we set out to go have a session on it.

I’d bust my thumb up a couple of days earlier so wasnt to keen to ride but asked around if anyone was up for shooting something and Rob was keen. He started to scope out what he was feeling whilst I set up. Rob’s a stylish dude and got serious pop so when he opted for a straight hop I was definitely down to shoot it.

As for set up it was shot on my Canon 550d with a Pentax SMC 50mm f1.7 with a K mount to EOS adapter. I used two Yongnuo 560 mk II’s one slightly camera left and elevated on a stand at 1/32 power and one further camera left at 1/16 power. Camera settings were 1/50 f5.6 ISO400. The main issue I had was balancing the exposure of the ambient light to the flash. I’m really pleased how the image turned out I particularly dig the colours and the shadow on the wall. Think it could of benefited from some gels on the flashes to balance the nasty orange light from the streetlights but thats just nit picking.”

Check out more of George’s work here.

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