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Justin Care by Dennis Bunn

justin care by dennis bunn

Justin Care, icepick in the Philadelphia suburbs, shot by Dennis Bunn

Photo of the Week: Brent De Geeter

kennystremesbmx by brentdg

Kenny Stremes in Antwerp, Belgium shot by Brent De Geeter

“Last week we were riding in Antwerp & noticed this abandoned boat in the harbor. So one week later we went back to the boat with all the equipment that I needed. We row to the boat in a little rowboat with two pieces of wood as paddles. When the flash was set up on the boat I took a couple of test shots before the final result. I’m really stoked on how this photo came out !

Canon Eos 6d
Canon Ef 70 – 200 mm f 2.8
ISO 400
1 Yongnuo 560 II on the rider’s right (full power)”

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Photo of the Week: Dennis Bunn


Gannwear in Northeast Philadelphia by Dennis Bunn.

“That day me and the Stinkpit dudes heard about a couple spots up in northeast philadelphia, about a 45 min drive from where we are. The day started off pretty awesome, everyone got a photo/clip at the first spot we went to. After the first school we set out to look for another spot we had heard about and stumbled upon this school, as soon as we saw this set up we knew it was the perfect set up for Gann. i set up my gear, i decided to go with a 3 flash set up, 2 doubled up to my right on one stand and one by itself to my left against the wall. ofcourse after i set up and choose my angle, my friend nick wants to get right in closeto film with the fisheye, normally i don’t care too much but this time i wanted this photo to be perfect so i asked him to find another angle, and he did, he still managed to be in the shot but i decided i can deal with where he is because you can only see his legs, so we got started. Gann took one ran up and then banged it out, but in typical Gann fashion he was not happy with the way he did it(perfect) but that worked for me since the sun was bright and my panning was terrible. i moved the flashes in tighter, he went again and boom we got a photo we were both really happy with, then we ended the day with a few beers and some mexican food. Gann is the best dude to shoot with because he really cares about the photo, he will give me all the time i need till i feel comfortable taking the shot.

1 AD 360 at 1/4th to my left parralell with the wall. 2 yongnuo 560’s to my right over the fence at 1/2 zoomed in to 70. cactus v5’s

Nikon D610, 85mm f/1.4”

Photo of the Week: Adam Lievesley

tom by adam 2

Tom Hibbitt, Nottinghamshire, England.

Nikon D7000
exposure – 1/200th
f-stop – f/5
ISO – 650
focal length – -50mm
flashes 2x Youngnuo yn560ii
sandwiched the rider with left slightly in front and left slightly behind.
right flash 1/1
left flash 1/2

Photo of the Week: Graham Howe

graham howe potw

This is a great example of what makes a photo of the week- the trick is a simple feeble grind on a small ledge but the way it’s shot makes it much more spectacular. The first thing I noticed was the composition- the rule-of-thirds is clearly adhered to and the way the sunlight is dividing the building almost makes a frame within a frame for the rider to be placed in. The subtle blue reflections in the windows really work with the red brick (also working with the rider’s outfit) and the even more subtle greens add a nice accent. The next thing I noticed was the strong rimlight (of course then I noticed the lightstand peeking out from under the rider’s left foot, but hey- that’s just me). That light pops him out amazingly from the dark brick background, in which he’s placed perfectly. The ratio of lighting (between fill and rim) is impeccable.

“The snow had just started melting here in Ontario, So me and some friends had been out riding most of the week testing some of my new flash equipment. It was mid day, the skatepark still had about a foot of snow so we went to find some street spots. This is a pretty well known ledge in Barrie’s downtown but it’s in an alley and on a fairly steep hill, so theres not a lot of footage or stills from the spot. Once we got to the spot I took a look around and picked my angle, I was feeling the half shade, half sun on the wall behind the ledge so I decided to shoot up the hill. Once I got my flashes setup, (yongnuo 500ex on 622c receivers) One behind facing toward the camera and one just right of Jordan on the ground just out of frame, Jordan did a few smiths that were cool but just weren’t working for the angle. As we were looking at the pictures a car came up behind us and I surely thought we were going to get kicked out, The man just rolled down his window and said “Oh sorry if I saw your flashes I would have gone the other way.” then happily carried on with his day. Which was a nice change from our usual meetings on private property, maybe it was the spring in the air. So I set my flash back up and Jordan and Landon started hitting the ledge again. I asked Jordan if he could try a feeble and it seemed to work good for the angle but my timing was a little off. It took a few tries to get the flash directly behind jordan as it kept being right between his legs, and we all know how shitty that looks. I moved my flash behind him a little bit to the right and he tried it again, and this was the outcome.

Rider – Jordan Gervais
Picture – Shot at ISO 100 1/500th f2.8 on a Canon 60D with a 50mm and Yongnuo flash setup.”

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Photo of the Week: Adam Cook

adam cook potw

The rigid composition of this shot (and it’s monochromatic palette) reminded me of Thomas Struth’s older cityscape photos that I was really into when I was first learning about the structure of photography. The verticals are straight and the horizontals are (pretty much) flat. The subtle grind box in the foreground is a nice touch. Quite unusually, I think the shadows created by the flash add to the photo. The lighting is simple yet effective, the trick is good and nicely timed. The shadows aren’t very deep but I like flatness it creates. Last but not least, this is one of the skateparks from my childhood so it plucks a certain chord on my heartstrings.

“We won’t disclose the riders name, he’s an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, so we’re going to give him a new name. John seems fit.

This was another one of those photos that kind of just happened, we headed out to chenga for the 10$ Sunday session. I hadn’t rode with “John” in about 6 months, he himself didn’t ride for that long either. He’s an older guy, I don’t know his exact age but he isn’t 16 and he could possibly be a father to some of these triple whippin’ dew tour champions. Usually when we roll up to a park, its those same kids who are the first ones to say something about his old school 35 lb bike and 7 inch bars, but its tricks like these that usually shut those kids right up. John will be off a bike for months to years at a time, show up at a park and shut it down in 15 minutes before his first smoke break. This is a good example because his first 3 runs at this quarter (that he never rode before), he ice picked the sub rail, abubaca and then foot planted it.

I didn’t even bring my full camera bag, just my camera with the 40mm already on and a flash, no stands, no other lenses nothing. I asked John to foot plant it one more time for the camera. The session in this side of the park was quickly dying, so I literally turned my flash on to half power, laid it on the box jump to the right, focused some where in between the coping and the hitching post and told him to go for it. Within what seemed like 30 seconds we had set up and taken the photo, apparently we nailed it.

550D 40mm 2.8
F 5.6
ISO 400
Yongnuo 560 II ( 1/2 power on the right)”

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Photo of the Week: Adam Cook

adam cook

My favorite part of this photograph is the composition- it’s almost symmetrical (it would be completely if the homies weren’t chilling (but that’s what homies are for- chilling)). I love the tones and textures in the pipe itself. I like sneaky homie holding the flash and quiet homie way in the back. I’m thinking this photo would look great printed big.

“The guys and I were planning on riding this full pipe in our town all summer but never got the chance to (its one of Lake Eries main waterways, its pretty dangerous to be in there apparently). Anyways, towards the end of the summer my buddy Bryan was getting real serious about riding this thing. He and Herby knew what to do because they were the only ones who rode the thing before. I got a text when I was finishing up a music video for a hip hop artist to get down there and ride it that afternoon. Well I couldnt ride it because my shoulder was still seperated and I knew I only had an hour until I had to help my cousin with something so I grabbed the camera bag and flew down there. When I got there they had already set up the ply wood and woodpallets and were riding it so I got right into shooting.

I couldn’t bring a flash stand because the water was 3 inches high and flowing fast so they had to hold it for me. I snapped a few pictures of Tommy. All of those were vertical and I was leaning on a wall hiding everyone else from the shot (also keeping me out of water). I slipped up and totally soaked my shoes so I said screw it and just stood in the deepest part of the water to get one more picture of Tommy. Andy was up and asked me to get another picture of him going as high as he can. Soaked and short on time I was totally reluctant to do it but I did one last one anyways.

I got home later that day and just applied a preset I made that I usually use on my photos and work from there. Turns out this one was pretty underexposed and looked a tad out of focus so I pretty much trashed it from the start. I came back to the computer later and just tried to see how much I could fix it by bumping the exposure up a ton and boosting the whites, all it did was make it worse. Black and white was my last option because I really liked the colors of that place.
I played with every possible adjustment lightroom could offer in attempt to save this photograph and this is what I came up with.

Weird sometimes that the photos you may think are your weakest end up being the best in that set.

Canon 550D
ISO: 200
@ 40mm w/ 40mm 2.8

1 Yongnuo 560 @ full power to the left of the rider near the ground.”

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Photo of the Week: George Herbert

george herbert

I chose this photo because I enjoy the ambience- you can almost feel the silence of that night. You hear a faint cassette hub in the distance and the sound grows louder. From behind the bushes emerges Rob Philips as he heads straight for the fence. For a moment, in mid-flight, everything is silent again. The next noise is a subtle “pop” from the flashes of George Herbert. All you can see for that split second is the rider in a perfect stylish hop, clear over the fence with no more worries than rolling away clean. That split second has become the photo of the week.

“This photo was shot a month or two ago when the English winter was providing us with its finest cold weather and short days. This spot is a bust in the day when people are working in the building conjoining the carkpark so after a bit of a warm up at the local we set out to go have a session on it.

I’d bust my thumb up a couple of days earlier so wasnt to keen to ride but asked around if anyone was up for shooting something and Rob was keen. He started to scope out what he was feeling whilst I set up. Rob’s a stylish dude and got serious pop so when he opted for a straight hop I was definitely down to shoot it.

As for set up it was shot on my Canon 550d with a Pentax SMC 50mm f1.7 with a K mount to EOS adapter. I used two Yongnuo 560 mk II’s one slightly camera left and elevated on a stand at 1/32 power and one further camera left at 1/16 power. Camera settings were 1/50 f5.6 ISO400. The main issue I had was balancing the exposure of the ambient light to the flash. I’m really pleased how the image turned out I particularly dig the colours and the shadow on the wall. Think it could of benefited from some gels on the flashes to balance the nasty orange light from the streetlights but thats just nit picking.”

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