Pierre Hinze Coffee Problem BMX

“Camera: Canon 5d MK III
Video: Magic Lantern RAW 14 bit (updated every day, checked demo files every day)
Audio: Seperate recording
Grip: Steadycam/ vest
Plus: Gas and lyco explosions.

RAW Workflow with Magic Lantern:
Check newest Magic Lantern builts every day. Record. Check footage, write down timecode and some meta data, import video and audio, double safe.
There was no post workflow that satisfied me, I do not want to work with davinci, so I had to figure out my own.
Transferring RAW to DNG. Importing DNG in After Effects. Doing wb, lights and stuff in ACR.
Import into sequence. Create proxys.
Open in Premiere.Doing everything except colour correction and degraining.
Uncheck proxys, cc.
I really love Magic Bullet Colorista. It also works in 16 bit, and it can do everything Davinci can.
Animated masks, keying, working together with Magic Bullet Looks.
Also the Magic Bullet Denoiser works great for me, Neat Video was not stable and did not get the results I wanted.
(Check this: If you turn on “Motion” in Magic Bullet Denoiser, rendering time almost doubles)

I had like 200 GB of RAW Material, plus the cr2 files from timelapse and hyperlapse.
The final export took 12 hours.

Thanks to Magic Lantern RAW, I had full 14 bit video. Did not export the whole 6:30 min clip uncompressed yet, but expect it somewhere at 30 GB.
There is no comparing to 8 bit video, “normal” dslrs gives you. It`s not about resolution, 4k, 120fps and stuff
-it’ s all about dynamik range.”

Sas Kaykha, The Gadget Films

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