Photo of the Week: Luis Pinzon


“This photo is special to me because its a reminder of one of the best pool sessions I’ve ever had. I’ve been riding for 17 years as of now and this is one of the best pools I’ve ever ridden. I’m no @deanshralp when it comes to pool riding, but I’ve ridden my fair share of great pools. The fact that we were able to shred this pool all day, with 8 dudes and 2 pitbulls, in a completely inhabited apartment complex is unreal. I think it was the perfect storm of its location in a quiet city with a southern mentality. This combined with the salsa music we were blasting put us in good favor with the local maintenance man.

Everyone was killing it this session. We knew that this was the first and last session we would likely have in this pool, so everyone had something they wanted to get done. Zachery Rogers was on another level though. Somehow this behemoth of a man has the ability to blast completely vertical obstacles with ease and style. His airs were complete beast mode this particular day.

I resisted the temptation to just ride and my camera actually left the bag. My primary interest is nature and party/drunk photography, so most sessions I never take the camera out. I shot this photo using a Canon 60D with the Canon 17-55 f/2.8. This lens is JB welded to my camera body; I love it. Photo was shot at 17mm with shutter at 1/800 and aperture at f/7.1 and an iso of 500. I didn’t have the patience to take my flash out because I wanted to ride so bad.”

Check out more of Luis’ work here.

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