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RideBMX “One Moment in BMX” Video

Late last year Ride went to their contributors with the idea of shooting photos at a specific time to showcase just how much BMX is going on around the world at any given time. November 23rd at 1pm PST was go time and teams of riders, photographers and filmers from California to Spain all converged on that One Moment to collectively create something special. The article came out awesome and this video does well to show the anticipation, the build up and the payoff of one extraordinary moment in BMX.

Markit Zero: Christian Rigal and the Markit DVD


Hot on the heels of the Deadline video comes another highly anticipated release- Markit Zero.

Firstly, how long did you guys film for?

Well everyone was supposed to be done after a year and 9 months (June 1st), but Dennis was hurt for more then half the video (separated shoulder, dislocated the other one 3 times, broken femur, broken wrist, broken colar bone, and a broken foot), Geoff came on late and also got hurt towards the end, and I broke my foot. So that deadline didn’t really work out, haha. Filming ended up going into August (I was even filming last week, haha) and now its fully done in September. The day I finished the video was actually the same day we ended our first SLC trip two years ago somehow. Crazy coincidence.

What format/cameras did you use?

It’s all 720x60p, and it was shot on 2 HPX170’s, a 60d, a couple of clips from the dennis ghetto cam (HMC40), a HPX250 and a couple iPhone/Go Pro clips. There’s is also a standard def clip in Chad’s intro that’ll make sense when you see it, haha.


Who has full sections?

Everyone- Chad Kerley, Connor Lodes, Dennis Enarson, Mike Jonas, Geoff Slattery, Rob Wise, Ronnie Napolitan and myself.

Where did you guys travel to?

I think we did about 14 trips for this video, we hit both sides of CALIFORNIA as well as ARIZONA, UTAH, OREGON, NEW MEXICO, MASSACHUSETTS, PENNSYLVANIA, TEXAS, NEVADA, ILLINOIS, SPAIN, and Dennis an I managed to get some clips on random trips to JAPAN and RUSSIA.


How will the video be released?

Both DVD and iTunes. We’ll be selling hard copies at the Texas Toast world premiere in Austin and at our San Diego premiere on the 26th of October at the Mission Valley YMCA park. All of the shops and distros that put in orders will also be premiering/selling the video that weekend too. Then on November 1st it goes live on iTunes for purchase/digital download.

What’s the duration of the video?

It’s 1 hour and 3 mins long

Did you do 100% of the editing/authorizing?

I did all of the editing and Mike Jonas did the DVD authoring.

Who did the design work and how much work went into titles and graphics?

Our cover/menu art was done by Nick Sawyers, he did all of Hucker’s S&M frame graphics too, thats how we found him. We came up with some ideas, gave him some notes and he pretty much came up with everything else himself. We went back and fourth a couple of times until everyone was stoked, I think it all turned out rad.

As for the titles, I knew I wanted to do something a little different, but nothing over the top. So I hit up Kelly Bolton and he started working on some 3D titles for us. I sent him all the clips with the title placements and then he worked his magic with lighting the titles and creating some movements. I think it gave the video a nice touch.


How long did you spend editing?

Well I gave myself 2 months to finish it all, but between all the riding I was doing trying to finish my part and a couple of trips that came up it was done it about a month and a half.

Besides the injuries, any other setbacks?

Kinda, nothing too crazy though. One of my cameras slowly went out on us and a couple of clips look kinda crazy because of it. That happened on the same trip that someone dropped my tripod on too, so we took almost a month off from filming until I got a new camera and got the parts for my tripod.

Aside from that, I had to re edit a whole section because this band wanted and insane amount of money for a song. Finding a new song that we can clear/afford in 4 days was less then an easy task. So that whole ordeal pushed the end of the video back a week to the point where we had to rush the duplication for the hard copies.


Will you be releasing a trailer?

Yeah, but we’re just going to do a quick 60 second trailer to give you a little glimpse of the video, we’ve actually got a full 2 song leftovers promo that’s dropping next week. So because of that I think the short trailer will be perfect. This will also double as the trailer that the general public will see on iTunes if they’re browsing around or want to see what it’s all about.

How/when/where will it premiere?

Our main world premiere is at the Texas Toast contest in Austin Texas on October 19th. It’s going to be all ages at Shakespeare’s bar and well be selling hard copies as well.

Then our other main premiere will be in San Diego October 26th at the Mission Valley YMCA. We’re doing a jam at the park, giving a bunch of free stuff out, selling products, premiering the video and then selling it as well.

Aside from that all of our distros and shops will be hosting premieres as well the same weekend, with copies available for sale at all of them.

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Crème de la Crème 2011

The best of the best from the bakery this year.