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RideBMX “One Moment in BMX” Video

Late last year Ride went to their contributors with the idea of shooting photos at a specific time to showcase just how much BMX is going on around the world at any given time. November 23rd at 1pm PST was go time and teams of riders, photographers and filmers from California to Spain all converged on that One Moment to collectively create something special. The article came out awesome and this video does well to show the anticipation, the build up and the payoff of one extraordinary moment in BMX.


Jeff Z’s December Focus Gallery

jeff z december

RideBMX Magazine – January 2004


I uploaded the January 2004 issue of RideBMX Magazine in it’s entirety on TCU for your nostalgic viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Best of Jeff Zielinski Photos 2013

RideBMX Mag Best Of  Jeff Z. Photos 2013

New father Jeff Z. uploaded a piece onto the RideBMX site featuring 65 of his favorite photos from this past year in print.

Check ’em out!

A tribute to Mike Tag

Ride just posted an article over on their site in memory of Tag featuring words from Leland Thurman, Steve Crandall, and Keith Mulligan  as well as a photo gallery and numerous videos. Check it out here and also check out his though the lens split part with Ralph Sinisi here.  RIP Tag.

Photo Portfolio On Ridebmx.com

Around three weeks ago I sent Fat Tony at Ridebmx.com a set of 12 digi shots from throughout the year, Fat set me up with a Ridebmx Photo Portfolio.

I had so much fun putting this set together. These are spots from all over Fresno Ca. Hope you enjoy!