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RideBMX “One Moment in BMX” Video

Late last year Ride went to their contributors with the idea of shooting photos at a specific time to showcase just how much BMX is going on around the world at any given time. November 23rd at 1pm PST was go time and teams of riders, photographers and filmers from California to Spain all converged on that One Moment to collectively create something special. The article came out awesome and this video does well to show the anticipation, the build up and the payoff of one extraordinary moment in BMX.

“Ruben’s Waves” Photo Gallery


George Marshall shot some photos of Ruben riding his newest skatepark creation in Malaga with friends Matt Roe and Sergio Layos. A video will be released tomorrow of this riding session. Ruben + a concrete park he designed = BMX.

Three of the most stylish riders in the world, riding one of the best crafted bowls in the world.

“Ruben’s Waves” by George Marshall


The Albion‘s George Marshall and his trusty Wista 4×5 traveled to Malaga to talk about his latest concrete creation.

Check out the article.