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Ride UK’s Final Cover

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.58.33 AM
Well fuck. As we all heard last month the ending of Factory Media = no more Ride UK but talk about going out with a bang. This final cover features Sebastian Keep with one of the craziest things i’ve ever seen beautifully captured by George Marshall.

Here’s some words from Ride UK.
“Over the last 23 years the cover of this magazine has been the home of the most pinnacle moments in BMX history. Our very last print cover has a duty to be something special, something ground breaking, something extraordinary. For our final cover Sebastian Keep delivers all of the above and redefines the boundaries of BMX in the process.

This is a 22ft gap to wall ride, from a kicker ramp on the elevated road above, into a 32ft high wall ride down the side of a multi-storey car park and into a 12ft quarter pipe. To put it bluntly, this is death defying. It is a giant leap into new realms of preparation, commitment, skill, height, speed and danger. It is monumental moment of BMX history and it is British moment at that – a fitting end to our print history.”

Rebeljam Photo Gallery by George Marshall

rebeljam alex d

Surely your Instagram feed is flooded with coverage of Rebeljam already, but here’s your chance to see some dialed full-sized shots from George Marshall himself. Check the gallery.

New George Marshall Photography Website


English photographer George Marshall has established a new address on the world wide web where he is showcasing his work from 2007 to the present day. He’s got a ton of great work on there and I highly suggest flipping through if you’ve got a minute or you’re looking for inspiration.

Street Series: Cape Town Photo Gallery


George Marshall uploaded a gallery of photos from Round 1 of the Street Series that went down this past weekend in Cape Town, South Africa. Check it out on The Albion’s website.

“Ruben’s Waves” Photo Gallery


George Marshall shot some photos of Ruben riding his newest skatepark creation in Malaga with friends Matt Roe and Sergio Layos. A video will be released tomorrow of this riding session. Ruben + a concrete park he designed = BMX.

Three of the most stylish riders in the world, riding one of the best crafted bowls in the world.

“Ruben’s Waves” by George Marshall


The Albion‘s George Marshall and his trusty Wista 4×5 traveled to Malaga to talk about his latest concrete creation.

Check out the article.

“On ‘Track’ with Johnny Zammit” by George Marshall


“On the small island of Malta exists a huge and very inspiring BMX community. For the past 25 years, one devoted man has built a thriving BMX scene with little more than his bare hands. With trails, a racetrack and a skate park the ‘Track’ as the locals call it, is the life’s work of Johnny Zammit. Sergio Layos and photographer George Marshall visited the ‘Track’ and spoke to 66 year old Johnny about the rich history of BMX on the island.”

Read more here.

Malta Rock Park by George Marshall

RedBull Rock Park

“On the small island of Gozo exists an ancient landscape of quarter pipes, banks and hips all carved into the rock by the forces of erosion over thousands of years…”

Check out the photos here.

Photo Gallery – Kill The Line Qualifiers

Rider: Max Bimar, Trick: whip

A photo gallery from the qualifying round of the Kill The Line event in southern France shot by George Marshall is online here for your viewing pleasure.

Shawn Mcintosh Desktop Wallpaper


Get it here, courtesy of The Albion, shot by George Marshall.