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Chris Mortenson Photo Gallery


Our very own Chris Mortenson has a photo gallery up on The Albion site. Check it out.

Street Series: Cape Town Photo Gallery


George Marshall uploaded a gallery of photos from Round 1 of the Street Series that went down this past weekend in Cape Town, South Africa. Check it out on The Albion’s website.


The Albion 2014 Changes

The Albion Is Changing

Ben Wentzel Photo Gallery


My friend Ben Wentzel has a photo gallery up on The Albion‘s website. Check it out.

Wesley McGrath Photo Gallery


Southwestern TCU contributor Wesley McGrath has a photo gallery up on The Albion‘s website. Flip through, get inspired.

“Remember the name Wesley McGrath. He’s one of a new breed of talented BMX photographers. Judging from this photo gallery we’ll be seeing his photos for years to come.

Over the last couple years I’ve gotten to know Wes pretty well and it’s been awesome watching his skills as a photographer grow. This past year it seems like he has really hit his stride and is starting to make a name for himself. They say hard work pays off and Wes is one of the hardest working photographers in the game. He’s always out shooting and has extremely high standards for the images he puts out into the world. The thing most notable about Wes’s work is his ability to make even the simplest tricks look extraordinary. His images are full of energy and you can’t help but wish you were there to witness that one 1/500th-second in time. I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring for Wes and I’m glad to not only call him a colleague but also a friend.” – Chris Mortensen

Team SAF Photo Gallery

carter wallride

There’s a dialed photo gallery of the SAF crew riding some local spots in New Jersey over on The Albion website. Shot by Josh McElwee, these photos are definitely some of the cleanest to grace the internet.

“Make It Happen” Argentina Teaser

“‘Make It Happen’ is a year long, global video project under the reigns of Greg Illingworth.

For the third trip, Greg travelled across Argentina with Tammy Mccarley and Gary Young. It was a perfect trip until their good luck ran out in the city Mendoza where Gary Young and the trip photographer were robbed at gun point by three kids on a motorbike. Check out The Albion Issue 17 for the full story. The full video will be finished in the new year.”

A photo gallery of the trip can be viewed at TheAlbion.cc

The Albion – Issue 17

albion 17 sq

The Albion Issue 17 is now available and includes the following contents:

Video Days – Ben Lewis’ Early Sections
Colts – Justin Henninger
The Greatest – Timmy Theus
Fact or Fiction? – Steven Hamilton
Making Sense Of It All – Ty Morrow
Diamond In The Rough – Gary Young
‘Process not the Paycheque’ – Steve Crandall

The Albion Issue 16 Out Now


Issue 16 of The Albion is out today, with cover artwork by Mat Waudby. You can read an interview with him about his work on The Albion website.

Contents of Issue 16 include:
Harry Mills-Wakley – Colts
Grimaldo Duran – Back On A Promise
Josh Bedford – A Family Trait
Harry Main – Stepping Out Of A Crowd
Waffle – Hard Target
Kevin Kalkoff – Je Ne Sais Quoi
Tyrone Williams – “You Gotta Love It”

The Albion is available for FREE in all good BMX shops in the UK. Click here to find your local stockist.

Subscribe: If live outside the UK or would like each issue delivered to your door subscriptions are available here.”

Shawn Mcintosh Desktop Wallpaper


Get it here, courtesy of The Albion, shot by George Marshall.