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New Jeremy Pavia Website

pavia site

Stop Talk regular Jeremy Pavia reached out to let us know his long-awaited and much improved portfolio website is up and running. Take a few minutes to click around and you’ll most likely find some motivation to do creative and positive things.

New George Marshall Photography Website


English photographer George Marshall has established a new address on the world wide web where he is showcasing his work from 2007 to the present day. He’s got a ton of great work on there and I highly suggest flipping through if you’ve got a minute or you’re looking for inspiration.

Devin Feil’s New Portfolio Website

df website

Our own Devin Feil recently updated his website with his finer work. As always, I was interested to hear how it all came together. Here’s a short Q&A with the man himself.

Did you build the site yourself?
Yeah, I built it myself modifying a template on a platform similar to WordPress.

What made you go with the horizontal scrolling layout?
I went with the horizontal scrolling layout, because I feel like it works well for both vertical and horizontal images. It also makes it easy to add in new photos as I update it in the future.

How did you choose which photos to include?
I keep a folder on my computer where I set aside work I might want to include on my website. I narrowed it down from there and then got opinions from a couple of friends. All but one of the photos in the action gallery were taken since I moved to California last January.

Any sharpening on the images?
Typically the final step when I edit a photo is to add a bit of sharpening, but I don’t do anything extra or different for images exported for the web.

Did you do any search engine optimizing?
There is some basic SEO built into the platform I am working on. In addition to that I always make sure to give specific and relevant file names to images.

Will you be updating this site with new photos, or wait until you build a new site to add more images?
Yeah I plan on regularly updating the existing galleries and also posting often on the blog. I also hope to put together some additional portfolios by the end of the year to go along with the action and lifestyle work.

You’ve never had a blog before, what made you decide to add one?
I’d never felt a need for a blog in the past, but lately I’ve been working on a lot more projects and I figured it would be nice to give people a glimpse of as they are happening.

What are you working on these days?
In May I spent ten days in Puerto Rico with BSD shooting an article for Ride UK. Keep an eye out for that; the spots were awesome and the crew killed it. David Grant is currently staying with me in Long Beach while he finishes up his Raider frame promo. As you know David’s riding is tailor-made to make for awesome photos so we’ll see what comes of that.

Check out Devin’s portfolio here.

Also his Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr.

Photo Portfolio On Ridebmx.com

Around three weeks ago I sent Fat Tony at Ridebmx.com a set of 12 digi shots from throughout the year, Fat set me up with a Ridebmx Photo Portfolio.

I had so much fun putting this set together. These are spots from all over Fresno Ca. Hope you enjoy!