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Greg Moliterno Point & Shoot Gallery

Just a few weeks back Greg Moliterno had a gallery here in Tempe, Arizona consisting of all photos he shot on his trusty Ricoh FF-3af (a simple 35mm point and shoot released the same year he was born – 1982). The photos from the gallery just dropped on the web over on the Ride site which you can check out here. Prints are still available so if you’re interested in any hit up Greg here.

Street Fighter 4 Photo Gallery by Greg Moliterno

Greg Moliterno was in attendance at Street Fighter 4 with his weapon of choice, a Ricoh FF-3 loaded with some Kodak Tri-X. Click here to check out the good times he captured and don’t forget to peep the video.

Nick Bullen by Greg Moliterno

Nick Bullen ice – Traverse City, Michigan

Derrick Riggs and Brian Grant by Greg Moliterno

Derrick Riggs smith Mesa, Arizona
Brian Grant air Guadeloupe, Arizona

Dimitri James by Greg Moliterno

Dimitri James Nose Press Mesa, Arizona

If you missed Greg’s photographer spotlight make sure to check it out here and give him a follow on Instagram to see more work.

Drew Hosselton by Greg Moliterno

Drew Hosselton curved fence ride Phoenix, Arizona

Josh Betley by Greg Moliterno

Josh Betley over ice over Phoenix, Arizona

Clay Johnson by Greg Moliterno

Clay Johnson Wallie Tempe, Arizona

Dimitri James by Greg Moliterno


Dimitri James Barspin, Mesa, Arizona

Photographer Spotlight: Greg Moliterno



Multitalented lensman / rider showcases his favorite grind and even threads the needle between the wall and pole with just nearly enough room for his Bob bars. Photos: Nick Jones


“What can I say about Greg Moliterno?.. Greg is more than just one of those photographers who hits you up to go out and shoot, he’s more of a homie who wants to chill and ride and just happens to be amazing at what he does. He’s also one of the rare combos of person that has a good eye for not only photos but filming and putting together videos as well. I’m always hyped to get a clip or photo with Greg cause I know it’ll be on point and the happiness he shows of the final product just proves how much he loves doing bmx and his friends. ” – Nick Seabasty

The basics…name, age, location, affiliates, crews, gangs, whatever…

Greg Moliterno, 32 years old and living in Tempe, Arizona.

Whatcha workin with?

canon 5d mkii, nikon fm2n, hasselblad 500 c/m, olympus mju 2, ricoh ff3 af, nikon lite touch af, canon 15mm fish, canon 24mm 2.8, nikon 50 1.4 , hasselblad 80mm 2.8, canon 85mm 1.8, nikon 105 2.5, hasselblad 150mm 4, tamron 70-200 2.8 , 6x vivitar 285‘s doubled up, minolta 118x, pocket wizard plus 2’s and mini tt1, shutter release, minolta light meter, right angle viewfinder and various tripods

Dimitri James, whip fakie

What got you into photography?

I got into photos being hurt a few years ago i was around some guys shooting photos before always seemed interesting to me

What inspires you to create?

Seeing the big picture

What are your ideal conditions for shooting?

Anything really

Cory Wiergowsk, wallride to euro

Any favorite spots to shoot at, people to shoot with?

Here today gone tomorrow spots, jibs, set-ups. Shooting with someone you haven’t shot with is cool always good getting something with my friends too

What problems do you often come across as a photographer?

cops pocket wizards flat tires

Shane Cecil, euro

You film as well, what’s in the bag?

Panasonic hd, opteka fish, step up, small tripod, skateboard

What are you currently working on?

I have a full length all street video I’m working on and I’m the middle of a few other video projects too. I’m putting a book together “Smithsonian” its an all smith grinds  book compiled of photos from multiple photographers. Talk to me for more info.. I’m also having a small showing of point and shoots which is  tba. I’ve been shooting with Bobby Kanode for “lightworks” if you haven’t seen the trailer you need to.

Cory Wiergowski, pegs up no foot can

Any tips or advice to beginners?

Only advice I could give is have good time with your friends, shoot whatever you feel like.

Where can people see more of your work?

Instagram.. Vimeo.. I’ll have something else up soon I promise.