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Photo of the Week: PJ Turns

matti by paul 640

Matti called me saying he’d found a carpark for us to try and shoot some pictures, so that evening we went and checked it out with the usual thought of we’d get a couple of pics before security asked us to leave. Just as I was setting up my flashes a security woman walks onto the level, she walks over and asks what we were doing, we explained, instead of asking us to leave she said “oh cool” and watched for a while. As the carpark was empty and dark, I wanted to try capture this and also emphasize how flatlanders are elusive mysterious creatures. My set up for this shot was really simple as I could use the markings on the floor to know when Matti was rolling into the right spot, 2x Canon 430EXII on 1/4 power @ 50mm set either side but slightly infront of Matti as to not light his front up too much, I used my 24-105 lens @ 105mm on my Canon 6D. As I remember we only took a couple of shots of this trick before we got this one which was a result.”

Photo of the Week: Paul Turns

IMG_8423 - Copy

“This shot came about due to the shitty UK weather. I had called Matti that morning and said I was free, but the weather was pretty damn bad so after some discussions as to where we could go, I made a call to Motion skatepark the owner Tom is a damn cool guy.

We arrived at Motion and I guess i’m lucky insofar as it’s a place I know really well so I knew what and where may look ok. I really enjoy shooting with Matti as due to him being a flatland rider it makes me think more about composition, we never really went with any sort of plan or trick in mind it was just chilled.

Matti was trying a few things and I was playing around with lighting when I found this angle, at first I was using just two flashes one to the right and slightly behind which you can make out and one to the left, I decided to use another to fill just to my right and low down. I was using my Canon 60D with the 10-22 @ 10mm which for me works if I get really close to the ground. I ended up setting the shutter at 1/250 f8 and the ISO at 500, the flashes were as above, the one right, slightly behind and high on the stand @ 1/2 power and 80mm, the flash left, @ 1/4 power and 50mm, the one to my right and below @1/4 and 50mm (I think) and fired with Elinchrom Skyports.”

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