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Photo of the Week: Attila Szabó

Attila Godi - photo of the week

First off, this is quite possibly the best lighting we’ve seen from any Photo of the Week, ever. The composition is impeccable- tell me you can’t see “RideBMX” or “DIG” at the top there. The colors are pleasing and the red bike sticks out nicely. The rider is framed inside of that fence back there and all of the vertical lines are pretty much straight. There is nothing questionable about this photograph- it is so good.

“Me and Attila “X” Godi lives in the different place of my home country (Hungary). One day we decided to go to Budapest to take some pictures. Here are the best spots in the country so far. A few weeks before he looked out that rail. So we went to there to check it.
 Actually it was a very easy spot. No pedestrians, no security guards, no traffic on the road. I set up the lights, found easily a good place to the photo. He tried it a few times and then he hit it perfect. 
I really like where this all goes smoothly, there is no any disruption. 

I used three flashes. One-one booth side, it were two Metz 60 CT-4. The third Metz 45 CT-4 was up on the stairs behind him. 
I was shooting with a Canon 5D MK II + Sigma 70-200 2.8 lens. 
Settings were as follow : 
 ISO 160 1/200

More of Attila’s work can be seen here and here.

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Making A Photograph – Carl Wilson

bambi savakas wallpaper

“This rail got built about 6 months ago, I always thought it would make a good picture, as it really represents contemporary British estates in our area.

I drive past the rail regularly and have always wanted to see someone go down it, but it’s pretty high (An easy ball sacking type of rail.) I was out with a couple of the Savakas geezers and we stopped by on the way to somewhere else. Louie took a look and seemed up for it. He’s a beast on most things so it all fits together.

As I’m setting up we spot the police down the road so we have to wait till they have gone, but then the police start walking towards us. They walk straight past us to a guy outside his house right next to the rail, he’s fixing up some old dodgy BMX! So weird!

They arrest him and leave us alone whilst a body builder talks to us about Choppers.

Louie does it first try but he is not happy with it so wants to do another. He has another two goes and breaks his stem. We tried to use the stem from another bike but don’t have the tools.

After leaving and getting another stem (a prehistoric unit!), we return to a bunch of chavy girls running around.

Louie got back up there and done it real good and thats the picture you see. He doesn’t ride rails much, this was his second rail, the first done several days earlier.

I shot it on a Nikon d7000 with a 50mm 1.4 lens, Yongnuo yn565ex to the left on the grass bank, then a Metz 45 cl4 right in front of him just out of frame. I shot on ISO 200, 50mm , f/8 and shutter 1/200.”

Carl Wilson

Photo available as a desktop wallpaper from Savakas.