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Photo of the Week: Shawn Duffield


It’s not difficult to notice that this photo is pretty great… The rider and his multi-colored shirt pop out of the dark green background like crazy. The composition is super clean and all of the information necessary to bring context to the riding is there- the way the coping hugs the bottom of the frame is my favorite part. It’s a rather dialed invert as well.

“This is James Van De Kamp doing another ridiculously folded table top. Sometime in early April we got some really good weather for a while, so we got out to Gleneagles bowl in West Vancouver for a day. James is one of my favourite people to shoot with. He’s incredibly dialed, so it makes it really easy. I recently picked up the Sigma 50mm f/1.4, and I’m incredibly happy with the way it performs with natural lighting. This photo was shot at 1/4000s at f/2.8 and 160ISO on my 7D. Nothing else to really say, just a bunch of dudes on bikes having a fun session.”

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Photo of the Week: Shawn Duffield

Evin Reed Footjam 640

I chose this photo because it’s fairly simple and pleasant to look at. The lighting is plain but very clean. I really like the way the rider mimics the form of the buildings in the background, and also the way the rider is composed next to said buildings. The sunset has very nice tones and isn’t too powerful. Overall the photo is simple, clean and easy on the eyes.

“I took this photo of Evin Reed at Chuck Bailey park in Surrey, BC. Honestly I don’t remember the exact date or time, but I took this picture sometime in the summer last year. I’d say it was around 7PM. I used my Canon 7D with my Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 and a single Canon 430EX flash for this shot. Settings were 1/250 at f.7.1, ISO250 at 20mm. I was cruising around the park with Evin and saw the way the sun was setting and immediately ran to my bag, haha. It took a couple tries to get the exposure right and the shot to “his footjam standard,” but it turned out great nonetheless. We were both pretty stoked on it.”

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Photo of the Week: Rados Ruzic

rados potw

Originally, Rados had uploaded a photo of the same trick in the same location with the same lighting, but without the rider framed in the lit rectangle. I thought it strange and commented on the photo, asking why he hadn’t done so. He replied that he actually had, and uploaded that image. That image is what you see before you now, the Photo of the Week.

“It was a hot summer day in Belgrade and around 37 degrees celsius. Bike Festival was held in city center. I got call from my friends to go there, so I packed my gear, took my bike and rushed to the festival. Half of the streets were closed because of a bike race and thats why route to the center wasnt complicated. Once I got there, there was a flatland demo session after which we went to ride, we found couple of places which would be impossible to ride if there wasnt bike festival. One of those places was this old building without windows and without roof, it was perfect place for shooting. The light was getting through opening of a window and thats what gave me idea for this photo. I asked one of my friend Miroslav Springelj aka Mire to throw some flat line on the spot where the light was, plan was to capture his shadow there. Setup was simple, only one Nikon SB24 flash (on the right side, behind the wall) triggered with wireless trigger. At the end of the day I finished with couple of great shots and one of them was this one.

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Sigma 28-105mm f2.8
Iso: 100
Aperture: F7.1
Shutter: 1/200”

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Photo of the Week: Attila Szabó

Attila Godi - photo of the week

First off, this is quite possibly the best lighting we’ve seen from any Photo of the Week, ever. The composition is impeccable- tell me you can’t see “RideBMX” or “DIG” at the top there. The colors are pleasing and the red bike sticks out nicely. The rider is framed inside of that fence back there and all of the vertical lines are pretty much straight. There is nothing questionable about this photograph- it is so good.

“Me and Attila “X” Godi lives in the different place of my home country (Hungary). One day we decided to go to Budapest to take some pictures. Here are the best spots in the country so far. A few weeks before he looked out that rail. So we went to there to check it.
 Actually it was a very easy spot. No pedestrians, no security guards, no traffic on the road. I set up the lights, found easily a good place to the photo. He tried it a few times and then he hit it perfect. 
I really like where this all goes smoothly, there is no any disruption. 

I used three flashes. One-one booth side, it were two Metz 60 CT-4. The third Metz 45 CT-4 was up on the stairs behind him. 
I was shooting with a Canon 5D MK II + Sigma 70-200 2.8 lens. 
Settings were as follow : 
 ISO 160 1/200

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