Photo of the Week: Kyle Emery-Peck

henny bad boyz

If I had to choose one word to describe this photograph, it would have to be “clean”. Plain and simple, this photo is so very clean. The lighting is balanced and even, the composition is proper- the natural shape of the dirt points your eye directly to the rider. The action is framed nicely in front of some dark trees, helping the subject to pop from the background. The colors are pleasing and the timing is perfect. I really like how his tires are covered in dirt and contrast against the dark green trees.

“I was riding Freedom 40 with all the dudes one day taking a bunch of runs, and I realized I should probably pull the camera out before it gets too dark. I set up on this particular dub because I haven’t shot it yet, and Henny was snapping some mean bad boys, (opp tabes). I used 4 flashes and shot it with my trusty Hasselblad 500cm. I think this is Ektar 100 film.

With the lighting I used 4 strobes. 1 up high lighting Hennessey from the left at 1/2 power. Another flash rigged halfway up that same lightstand lighting the landing at a 1/4 power with a diffuser. The 3rd flash was camera right at 1/2 power lighting the lip/ back of the landing. And the 4th flash way camera right lighting the lip at 1/2 power. I think I shot it at 1/500 f/6.3″

Check out more of Eric’s riding here.

More of Kyle’s work can be viewed here.

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