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Photo of the Week: Alex Herzog

herzog potw

“My homie Sean Sieling and I made the roadtrip from our home in the Bay down to Southern California to meet up with some of our homies to ride and explore a bit. This was our first time riding in LA, and we came across this great grate spot I recognized from an old photo that Jeff Z shot of Codie Larson doing a hopwhip into it. I was so pumped that I made Sean do something into it as well. He opted for a hop turndown, so I tried to find an angle that would separate him from the background, while still keeping the wide perspective to convey the overall atmosphere of the spot. After a few test shots from different spots, I moved across the street and was pumped on how it looked;the classic palm trees, the entirety of the grate, the white wall to make his bike pop, and the street that he rode out into. I used all natural light with this shot, as my flash triggers wouldn’t reach from across the street (anyone who wants to donate some pocket wizards, hook ya boy up). This photo was a quick flick, and it just goes to show that you don’t need a ton of crazy lighting while on street missions with your friends to get some decent looking photos. Thanks for reading and thanks Scott for the opportunity! (also shouts out to Stephen Smith for helping me write this).

-Canon Rebel XSI
-Canon 50mm (f5.6)
-1/500th shutter”

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Photo of the Week: Alex Herzog

Nick Table Ditch

A textbook example of great framing, this week’s photo is as clean as they come. All of the rider (minus a shoelace) is placed neatly in the sky just above the horizon. The coastline contours the form of the rider and his bike quite nicely too. A classic trick at a beautiful spot makes for a timeless BMX photograph. The only thing that makes me mad about this photo is that I can’t be there right now riding the spot.

“This was my first time at this secret spot near Santa Cruz, CA. The homie Nick Krauer told me this ditch would be a great spot to shoot photos but that was an understatement. I was pretty bummed on not having any of my flash set up with me, but I made the best of what I had and managed to get some natural lighting shots. The lighting from the sun was perfect; golden hour before sunset. It helped to illuminate Nick as well as the background of Highway 1, the beach, and the hills. This ditch, although more ridable than most DIY spots, is nowhere near perfect, and this quarter has some serious kinks in it’s tranny. But Nick is no stranger to weird trannies, and fired out multiple tricks at proper height. This spot rules and I left a happy camper. Hit up Nick on instagram @nickkrauer and myself @bmxlovephotography. Thanks for reading homies!

Canon 60D
18-55mm kit lens
1/1500 @ f/5.6 ISO 100”

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Photo of the Week: Alex Herzog

Nolan Wallrdie 640 for Scott

The only downside to the sport of BMX is that it is inherently illegal. Even if you ride in skateparks, most don’t allow bikes, so you are technically breaking the law by riding there. But it is especially hard for us street riders. This day, Nolan [Santana], Joe and I were pedaling around the sketchier parts of South San Francisco in search for new spots. While cruising down the street, I saw Nolan hit this little wallride and thought it would make a good photo, as the wall framed him quite well with his black t-shirt and jeans. However as I was setting up my camera, the tenant came out and started to yell at us to leave after he heard the ruckus. Nolan and I really wanted this photo so we asked if we could just get one more go, and he said in his most terrifying voice “No, now I’m going inside to get my gun, and when I come out, ya’ll better be gone.” We gave it one more go and got this shot, and proceeded to get as far away from this spot as possible. This photo was shot on a 35mm Nikon FTN with no external flashes. I had the camera set at f5.6 with a shuterspeed of 1/250th. In the darkroom I had the enlarger set on a higher filter of 4.5 to really get that contrast and make Nolan pop off that wall. I also did some burning on the tops of the buildings to seperate them from the blown out foggy sky.

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Photo of the Week: Alex Herzog


What I like most about this photograph is the composition. There are a lot of geometric shapes and lines, from the brick bank he’s riding on to the windows and the slats in the wall. Then you have the rider disconnected from all of that, in the clear blue sky. It’s kind of metaphorical for the freedom BMX brings sometimes.

“Every photographer understands the sheer joy that comes out of the perfect pop-click-smack sound sequence that comes with shooting a bmx or skate photo. This photo of Terrence Webber absolutely roasting this Euro table at our local skatepark here in Foster City, CA is a prime example. There are tons of skateparks in the Bay Area, but this plaza at the local “teen center” as it is called gets sessioned pretty regularly. The plaza has a few fun jibby ledges but I’ve never been fond of this quarter. It’s awkwardly shaped, with a tight transition on the bottom with basically a bank to finish off the top half. Virtually every trick that can be done on this quarter, has been done. But seeing as there isn’t another tranny for miles around, Terrence chose this oddly shaped one to get what will be his last ever bmx photo. Literally as I was writing this, I saw on his facebook that he just sold his bike and will be moving on to other things. So good luck bud!

Photo Info – 1/200 s Exposure
– Brand X speedlite on the ground to the bottom right of the frame set at a 24mm zoom and 1/2 power
-Old Sunpak speedlite on a lightstand to the upper left of the frame, set at full power”

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