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Photo of the Week: Matt Hildebrand


The colors, the composition and the shapes in this photograph make this the photo of the week.

“James has a one-track brain, he’s either completely engaged or miles away in his own head. Unfortunately he’s spent the last three summers trying to catch up on credits in summer school. This summer day at Capitol Hill high school was different though. James showed up to get work done and double pegged down this hubba twice, showing his rare attention to detail and his obvious love for grinding shit. This high school in OKC’s Capitol Hill district was built in 1928. This hubba (along with the wallride on the opposite side) are recent additions to the other spots in this ancient school.

Shot f5.6 @ 1/500th onto Kodak Ektar 100 iso film with a Hasselblad 500c (80mm lens) then developed by Bedford Photo in OKC and scanned in on my canoscan 9000f film scanner. I don’t really edit my film scans more than removing dust and adjusting the exposure for digital presentation. Lately I’ve been shooting more color since my college darkroom is closed over the summer, Kodak has been my favorite color film for a while now. My favorite part about taking this photo was hiding the designated filmer (Manny) directly to the left of the frame on one of the top steps. I attempt to make truthful images and don’t photoshop out filmers or any other distractions. Spending time moving around and composing the right image before I press the shutter makes me much happier in the end.”

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Photo of the Week: Matt Hildebrand


In an increasingly colorful and digital world, it’s good that people like Matt are going against the grain shooting black and white film.

“Every city has its staple street spots, the kind of spots that riders from out of town ask about. The 23rd street trannies fall into this category, they also take some time to get comfortable on. The bump where the ground and brick meet can bump and frustrate you while you’re concentrating on the lip. The transition is really quick and there’s a brick of vert at the top which makes any slip up’s painfully unforgiving. James got this toothpick stall right after pulling up to the spot. He locked in and held it for a second making my job easier and Jacob Hope filmed the clip since he was in town. Keep an eye out for the clip and visit delicvision.tumblr.com for more photos/edits from us.

Hasselblad 500c
80mm f/2.8
Fuji Acros 100
1/500th @ f/2.8″

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